Friday, May 13, 2011

End of School Year Party Ideas


There is still time to put together an end of school party!  Here is what I did, 2 years ago!  I had a party where I played a movie I made from pictures of my children throughout the year.  I passed out awards to them for the things I was proud of them for, during the last school year.  A 3 ring binder commemorating the last school year was put together for them to look through. It includes pictures of my children (school pictures, field trips, etc). It has all the artwork and papers I kept over the last year. This 3 ring binder is just for the night as all of those papers will actually make their way into each child's personal school books.


My Mom raised my siblings and I to believe in celebrating life!  I am thankful for this and now I am passing this on to my own children.  We have parties as often as we can! 

We just partied last night after my Daughter’s strings concert.  We will be partying next week for my Son’s Kindergarten graduation, we will have an end of school party and then a first day of summer party. 

Some of you make think that sounds crazy.  However, just because I say celebrate and party does not mean put lots of time and energy into things. 

For the First Day of Summer I will throw up a banner that I put up every year.  I will let my kids sleep in.  When they wake up they will get their favorite breakfast (Log Cabin French Toast), and we will play water games outside while munching on Otter Pops.  Some years I will fill up a cooler with water balloons and take it to the park with us.  I think this year  I will have them fill up the balloons themselves.  They will be soaked just doing that! Winking smile


What are your favorite ways of celebrating?




Jessica said...

LOVE it! I, too, believe in celebrating every little thing. Life is too short to stick to just once-a-year birthdays!! :)

Some of our parties are big, some are little, some are planned for months, and others come together at the very last minute...but all of them have one thing in common: love. To celebrate the end of the summer and the beginning of school, we have a backyard water balloon fight with girls vs. boys. My kids LOVE that one!

Just the other day as I was setting our dining room table with a new vintage tablecloth, my 4 y/o came over, gently ran her fingers over it and said "Ooooh...are we having a little party?" he he he, guess it's in the genes! =)

Creative Party Themes said...

I love that you celebrate your children's accomplishments! This is the stuff that memories are made of. I have two daughters that are moving up to new schools next year (one ending elementary and one ending middle school). I'm hoping to plan a very special end of the school year party for both of them in June. Thanks for sharing.