Thursday, May 5, 2011

Cinco De Mayo Mini Piñata Tutorial!

cinco de mayo mini pinatas red hot chili peppers a
My Mom throws the best Cinco De Mayo parties!  Seriously, they rock!  I cannot wait to eat her delicious taco soup!!  It is to-die-for delicious!  I had to come up with something fun to bring to her amazing party!  I saw these Red Hot Chili Pepper Mini Piñatas at Family Fun and knew they were perfect!!  I have something else up my sleeve but it is not done yet.  I’ll post it tomorrow for you guys (and the recipe to my Mom’s amazing Taco Soup)!

Make Your Own Mini Piñatas!
cinco de mayo mini pinatas red hot chili peppers i
Tissue Paper                              Crepe Paper
Ribbon                                         Tape
Pipe Cleaners                            Glass
Toilet Paper Roll                     Tape
Elmer’s Glue                             Filler Candy
cinco de mayo mini pinatas red hot chili peppers h
1. Make a cone out of your toilet paper.  Tape in place.
2.  Make a tissue paper cone by rolling tissue paper around the toilet paper roll cone. Tape in place.
3.  Put tissue paper cone into a glass to fill it with candy.
cinco de mayo mini pinatas red hot chili peppers f
4.  Tape the middle of the ribbon inside the cone, at the bottom.
5.  Fill cone with candy.
6.  Twist top of cone and wrap pipe cleaner around it to tie off the candy.  This also makes your cute green stem.  Make sure the two ends of the ribbon come out of the end of the pipe cleaner stem (if you are going to hang these, though I made some without!).
cinco de mayo mini pinatas red hot chili peppers g
7.  Cut a piece of crepe paper.  I cut about 3 feet.
8.  Fold crepe paper in half, then in half again and again until you have a small piece of folded crepe paper (as seen above).  This just makes cutting the fringe quicker!
9.  Cut folded crepe paper every 1/4 inches to make fringe, stopping 1/4 of the way from the top edge.
cinco de mayo mini pinatas red hot chili peppers e
10.  Start at the bottom of the cone and wrap the fringe around the cone in an upward spiral.  I first run glue along the top of the fringe for about 6 inches and then roll that amount at a time.  You can see in the picture that I glued the line of fringe about 1/4 an inch above the last line.
cinco de mayo mini pinatas red hot chili peppers c
Use the ribbon ties to dangle your darling chili peppers!  These will just tear apart when you are ready to tear into them.
cinco de mayo mini pinatas red hot chili peppers b
I made enough for each of the kids at the party.  Right now they are above my kitchen table to surprise my kids with today!  However, we will be bringing them with us to the party and dangling them from my Mom’s chandelier above her table!  Should be a great hostess gift/kids party favor!!

What are your Cinco De Mayo traditions?

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S said...

This is so cute and I have these items already on hand. I can make them before the kids get home today and have them ready for our party!

#6 Drake Family! said...

I love these pinatas! Such a great idea!

RootsAndWingsCo said...

Thanks so much guys! One reason that I loved them was because I had the supplies on hand! Quick and easy works well for me too! But gosh they are so cute! ;) S, I'd love to see pictures of yours! Hope your kids enjoy them!

Sibylle said...

they are sooo cute!

Elle Belles Bows said...

Super cute!! Thanks so much for the tutorial!!


Anonymous said...

OK! This is brilliant! BRILLIANT!

OMG I totally love your chile pepper pinatas. And come fall, I am definitely making some to hang with my squash pinata.

I would have never thought of this! You! You are awesome!