Thursday, February 24, 2011

Top 10 Reasons For This Party Theme

harry potter party a

10.  Because this world is so fascinating.

9.  Science experiments are fun.

8.  Everybody needs a wand.

7.  Testing family members’ trivia abilities is funny.

6.  Toddlers, Children, and adults all enjoy it.

5.  I’ve always wanted my own Dragon Snot.

4.  There are books to read to get you excited about the theme.

3.  Then there are movies to add to the excitement.

2.  I’ve always wondered what Acid Pops & Butter Beer taste like.

1.  A cute little boy asks for it (and you jump on it the second he says it because you have been dying to throw this kind of party!!)


So, can you guess what kind of party my Son just had?




Anji* said...

Harry Potter! My two kids are crazy about Harry Potter at the moment, I recently made them black cloaks for dress up and they have been busy painting chopsticks (for wands) and writing their own spell books! I'll be posting all about it on my blog in a couple of days!

Louise said...

We did this for eldest daughters birthday recently, isn't it the most fun ever! Whilst we were planning it I wished I was 8 and I could go to her party! I look forward to seeing what you did but in the meantime this is what we did....

Clothcat said...

A Harry Potter party - how fab! I look forward to when my two are old enough for one. I understand your comment about longing to throw one - sometimes the kids are just a great excuse to have the parties we really want, I for one am looking forward to doing a really mega Alice party in a few years time when my daughter is old enough to appreciate it!

Regena said...

I did this party for my son lloonnggggg before there was stuff you could easily find. There may not have even been a movie out yet.
I hand dipped gummy frogs in chocolate and made bubbling cauldron cupcakes made id cards with them sorted into houses. It was a blast. I have pics digital.
I have a polaroid camera that did sticker sized photos and we put them on their id cards. We used bubble gum sticks as wands, the hubster did magic experiments in the garage with the blast!!!

Cascia said...

It must have been a Harry Potter theme party. I bet it was a lot of fun.

abbie said...

Was totally lost till I saw the first comment. Duh.
Hope the party was a big success, although I am not sure how it couldn't have been!