Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Spring, here we come! (Oh how I love you, Punxsutawney Phil!)

groundhog day craft a                                                                          Punxsutawney Phil sees no shadow, predicts early spring

Prophetic groundhog has seen his shadow 98 times, hasn't seen it 16 times since 1887

groundhog day craft b
Aren’t these Groundhog day activities cute?  Here you are matching the animal to it’s shadow!  I love that idea and my kids are having fun with it!

They are part of a whole packet for Groundhog Day.  I just downloaded them for free a few days ago.  I always assume the person who makes these things has their name and information on the packet.  This was not the case this time.  I would really love to give the person who made these the credit, but I can’t figure it out!  Does anyone know where these came from?  I’m going to search some more for a bit, because I think you guys would love the stuff on this cute blog and I’d love to pass the linky love along!


PS  I am also quite thankful for a computer that gets overworked, between my blogging, homework, and crafting on it!  It was not seeing my memory cards this morning and about put me into a panic! I download pictures daily!  Makes me appreciate how much abuse this thing gets and yet it keeps on ticking!

PSS More info on the blogger I got these activities from, I believe she had a preschool/or Kindergarten blog!


Amie Kirk said...

We made those cute little groundhog's in the cup at oyr library story time this morning :-)

Kathleen said...

So cute! I hope you're able to find the link. I'd love to check that out to use next year.

Kathleen said...

How cute! I hope you're able to find the link. I'd love to keep track of that to use next year!