Tuesday, January 25, 2011

A Smorgasboard of Valentine’s Fun! With tutorials for all of it!


Nana’s Valentine Suckers are my very favorite thing about Valentine’s Day!  It just isn’t Valentine’s  with out these!  My Mother always made these for us and our classes every year.  Now we try to get together with her when she makes them.  I think putting the conversation heart in them is just brilliant!  Go check out how to make Nana’s Valentine Suckers!  I have a whole tutorial for ya!


OK, now how about some Super Easy Paper Hearts to make?  These are so pretty, but seriously easy-peasy!  And yup, a have a tutorial for you!


I’m giving you extra time to think about making Valentine’s Pillowcases.  On the first day of the month I put on new Pillowcases for the family.  It is so much fun to have themed ones!  If you guessed there is a tutorial to go along with this one, you are right!


Are you needing another easy craft?  Try these Heart Boxes!  They are perfect for little treats and are made out of paper towel or toilet paper tubes!  I always love an excuse to break into my paper stash!  Agh, I know, another tutorial just for you!


These Handprint Hearts still melt my heart!  I always make sure to label them so I know whose handprint it was, how old they were, and what year it was!  Pretty self explanatory, but I still show you how I did this.


Now let’s talk Heart Felt Pencil Toppers for class Valentines!  For those of you wanting to send your child with something different for the class, these are adorable.  I love felt!  I also have an embroidery machine so I embroidered each child’s initial on theirs.  When I made these I also embroidered the name of the school onto the back side!  I still LOVE these!  Oh yeah, another tutorial!


I hope these gave you some inspiration of fun things to make for Valentine’s!!  Don’t forget to check out my sidebars for LOTS more Valentine’s Day ideas!!




Kathryn said...

Ahh, those hand print hearts are precoius! They look like the Scandinavian paper woven ones, I love it! :)

Elle Belles Bows said...

Love the handprint hearts! Kerri

RootsAndWingsCo said...

Those hearts are supposed to mimic the Scandinavian paper ones! We have always made the Scandinavian ones and that is why I love this version!

ONe PiNK FiSH said...

Okay, it is so not fair to give all the talent to one person. I wish I could come up with ideas as cute of these on my own. I always have tog et ideas from somewhere else and go forth from there. Thank goodness, I ahve your site to thank for many ideas I use.
The felt pencil toppers are too cute.