Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Turkey Trot Tradition

Most of the schools around here hold an event called The Turkey Trot.  I love this.  Of course I used to run Cross Country and Track in High School, so maybe I’m biased.  This is held on the day before Thanksgiving, thus the name. Winking smile

However, I love the idea of fitness in the holidays.  Each grade runs a set course around the school yard. 
It brings tears to my eyes to see my children do their best!  Even typing this up has made me cry because I’m thinking about it. (I do that at my children’s sports events, too)  Seriously, I just eat stuff like this up! 
Kids fall down, get back up, and finish the race.  There is so much goodness in seeing that happen, who wouldn’t that put a smile on the face of!?
There are prizes given for the first 10 or so runners.  My kids don’t come in anywhere close to getting a prize (we have well over 100 students per grade).  But everyone gets a cookie afterwards!
We also have a Jingle Bell Jog in December on the day before Christmas break.  Can you spot all the Santa hats?  They are all also wearing a necklace with a large bell on it.  Thus the name. Winking smile

One of my kids does not care for the race itself.  However, she loves knowing it is an event that her Mother will be at.  I’ve always been there, on the sidelines, cheering her on!  My other kids love the race as well as knowing I will be there.

This has become a tradition for us.  My kids get more excited about Thanksgiving and Christmas once the races are here.  It’s like a precursor for those two holidays.

If we ever moved we would have to hold our own races.  This is one reason that I am mentioning this on our blog.  It would be a fun thing to do, even as a family.  Or even better, start one at your school.  Ours is put on by our PE department.  I think combining fitness as a tradition is a win/win for sure!

What traditions do you have that are a bit different?  We at Roots And Wings Co LOVE traditions!  One reason I love this time of year so much is all the great traditions going on!  Have you thought about what traditions you have, or what ones you want to start?  It’s never too late and I believe it is one of the ties that hold families together!

PS  This year I am so lucky that I get to spend the whole day at school.  I start off first thing in the morning with one of the Turkey Trots, then a Thanksgiving Play, another Turkey Trot, a Thanksgiving Feast, and then my last child’s Turkey Trot.  What are the odds that all of these would be scheduled so that I could make it to all of them?  It’s never happened before, but it did this year!  I’m so excited!

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