Monday, November 1, 2010

Treat That is So Pretty! And how I ruined them…

candy corn jello c

I saw these amazing Candy Corn Jello Shots (non alcoholic) at Jello Shot Test Kitchen.  Her version is amazing!  Seriously I was so taken in by them that I HAD to make them.  There are few things I am that taken in by!

candy corn fail a

So I had to try them out.  I actually love how mine turned out.  They were so cute.

 candy corn jello e

I used what I had on hand which was metal condiment holders and popsicle molds.  Of course the original molds were SO much cuter, but I don’t have any of those molds. ;)

 candy corn jello a

I was floored when the jello came out so perfectly!

 candy corn jello b

But…um…well…, stick with the original recipe.

  candy corn jello d

I made quite a few modifications to mine.  First of all, you really do want that orange layer to be the biggest layer.  The other two layers are kind of tasteless.  That would be totally fine if those layers were not as large as mine (like in the original version)….and if you did not tamper with the recipe itself.


Craft Fail for me! 


I learned you can use tonic water to make things like jello glow.  Thanks to Gourmet Mom On The Go and Our Best Bites for that information!   I got too eager trying to make things glow this year.  I exchanged the water in the recipe for tonic water.  Do NOT do this with this recipe (especially with the white and yellow layers so big-the kids actually thought the orange layer was ok).  My version made for quite a belly-laugh-inducing event.  Seriously I was on the floor laughing as I had family members try these out.  Finally I tried them myself.  Ya, not ok! 

The worst part of this?  They didn’t even react to the black light!  I’m not sure why but I think my black light bulbs were too weak!



I hope everyone else had such a fun Halloween weekend!  I’ll post more pictures from my family’s Halloween party next year!  Time to move onto Thanksgiving and Christmas don’t you think!?

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