Wednesday, November 3, 2010

How To Use Up Halloween Candy

halloween candy sorting

I will never let my children eat all the candy they collected for Halloween.  Not even in two years time!  I’ve heard of The Great Pumpkin who will come and take your candy and leave a toy in it’s place.  I also love the idea of dropping it off at dentist offices that pay you for it and then send it off to the troops. 


I’ve let my kids fill a ziplock bag with their must haves.  The rest is going off to work with Daddy, to keep coworkers happy! 

Halloween candy sorting a

But first we are sorting and graphing with some of the candy. 


What do you do with your candy?  What are your rules?


While I’m asking questions, please help me.  My BFF and I have a disagreement.  I say Halloween like the first part of the word is my Uncle Hal’s name.  So, Hal-o-ween.  My BFF says it like you are walking down a Hall.  So, Hall-o-ween.  How do you say it?  I have to tell you that finally one year we decided we’d look it up and whoever was wrong would change how they said it.  The dictionary showed it both ways!  Though, on Modern Family the other night they said it like you are walking down a hall. 





PS Don’t forget to save your candy corn to make edible Thanksgiving Turkeys.  I’ll show you how I make mine later this month.  I seem to always forget to save my candy corn, and it’s darn near impossible to find candy corn around Thanksgiving! ;) 


Ash said...

My SIL and I were just having the same discussion about how to pronounce "Halloween". She is from Oregon and pronounces it "Hall" and I am from Utah but pronounce it "Hal". We finally decided it was a regional thing and agreed to disagree.

Swedie said...

I say Hollow-een. My grandson is allergic to peanuts, which are (or bits of them are) in most candies. He always wanted to go Trick-or-Treating. So she let him go and have fun like all the other kids. When he got home, she traded him a special Halloween bag for his treat bag. He was always happy to do so because he knew most of the candy would make him very ill, and he always got really cool stuff in his special bag. She always gave him more than what his candy would have been because she was kind of making up some for what he couldn't have the rest of the year.
Now he's in his mid teens and he still wants the treat bag!

Swedie said...

I say Hollow-een. My grandson is allergic to peanuts which are in most candies. When he was little he always wanted to go trick-or-treating like the other kids. He would collect a bag of candy and bring it home to swap for a bag his Mom had ready with things she knew he would love. He always got extra in his special bag to make up a little for all he had to miss out on during the year. He never minded giving up the candy because he knew it would make him very sick. He's in his mid teens now and still wants his Halloween bag!

RootsAndWingsCo said...

Funny on the Halloween pronunciation! My friend and I also agreed to disagree and also wonder if it is a regional thing. I'm from Utah and she's from California.

My siblings have children with special diets as well, so the thought of what to do with the candy is very important. They also give their children candies or treats they know their children can have in place of the ones they can't have!

Erin said...

We say Hal-oween, not hall.

Also, I just posted on my blog a couple days ago what we do with our candy. check it out if you like.

the Marvelous Mrs. M said...

I say Hall, and I'm from Arizona. I think it is just a regional thing. Halloween is the one time that I let my kids do whatever they want with their candy. If they want to eat it all in 2 days, so be it. If they want to horde it in their closet, fine. If they want to send it to the troops, great. But its totally their choice- they've worked hard for it after all :)

Joanne Kennedy said...

I say Hall too. I'm in CA.

I don't have any children but I do have lots of left over candy from handing it out. Every year one of our neighbors collects it for the school her kids go to. They then take a trip to Mexico to visit the kids in orphanages and give the candy to them...along with other stuff they have collected.

3Wildflowers said...

I was taught Ha-loween, but for some reason as I sit here repeating myself and getting my husband to say the work, we say Halla-ween here :)

As for the candy, I found a great post from Parenting magazine I'll share. I'm sooo using the idea of saving some for Gingerbread houses!

Keepapi Creative said...

In the UK, we generally say Hal-oween. Poss in the north it might be more hul-oween. But down south Hall is pronounced Hawl with a long 'a'.
My kids got some sweeties in a party bag at the cub halloween party, but we don't do trick/treat much here. So thankfully don't have to police all that swag! Just eek it out over a few days. But I swear my boy has a reaction to Haribo, it always makes him hyper & aggressive. Or as he puts it - 'its just that everyone is mean to me after I have it'!
Daddy & I have unilaterally declared a sanction on all futher Haribo attempting entry to our house!
Just found your blog & love it. Fabulous stuff! Jacs x