Thursday, June 24, 2010

Need A Summer Boredom Buster? Get Out Your Cups!

summer activity cup drawing person star and heart
Sometimes we just need to get creative with what we have.  No scissors, glue, paint, or sewing involved and yet this activity was so much fun and kept my kids busy for hours!

I don’t use disposable dishes, but I do have stacks of cups and plates on hand in the craft room.  They are great for so many things.  This time we drew pictures with them.  Pretty obvious that this is a stick figure, a star, and a heart?
summer activity cup drawing cat and dog
Next up is a dog chasing a cat!
summer activity cup tower a
And then we just built with them!  They also made a tower with them that was taller than me -though I’m not that tall so maybe that’s not saying much ;)

What quick and easy summer boredom busters do you do?


Meghan said...

Love this idea!

Sabrina Lemons said...

There are actually very serious competitions for cup stacking!!! You should google it!

Unknown said...

hehehe....that's certainly ONE way to recycle, LOL!

3Wildflowers said...

My 2 and 3 yr old boys love stacking new rolls of paper towels as towers and then using them as bowling pins!

Anonymous said...

How simple! how ingenious! Perfect for imagination building. So i am wondering - who got to knock down the tower?

Lucky Mom said...

How fun. Makes me want to get a cheap bag o cups and start building.