Tuesday, June 22, 2010

A Beary Fun Summer Cake

summer cake b This was the cake at my Son’s last day of school party! 
Look closely at the details as they are so genious!
summer cake c
Teddy Grahams with icing swimsuits!  Every swimsuit is different.  They are so darling!  Beach towels out of rainbow sour candy!  Lifesaver circle floaties!  Gumball balls (it’s a stretch, I know!). 

Starburst lounge chairs.  I’ve made things out of starburst before.  Just heat it for a few seconds in the microwave and it becomes quite pliable and you can mold it into whatever shape you need.  I’ve even rolled it out and cut shapes out of it before.
summer cake d
The slide and stairs are made out of pretzels, an upside down ice cream cone, fruit by the foot, and more icing!
summer cake a
One of my Son’s wonderful teachers made up darling cakes for all of their parties this last year.  This was the cake she made for their summer party!  I think she did an amazing job all year long, but this one really takes the cake!  (Sorry I couldn’t help it). 

This got me thinking about all the amazing teachers my children have had!  You know the ones, the ones that go above and beyond?!  This year we were lucky and had amazing teachers like the one who made all these delightful and fun cakes for my Son’s class the whole year!  They could have just bought a sheet cake (or none at all).  But instead this teacher went above and beyond to add that extra touch to my Son’s parties.  It is the extra touches like this that will help my children to have magical childhoods. 

What experiences have you had with teachers like this?



Bethany @ The Paper Pony said...

I love the little bears! How cute... my daughter would just love this!

Anonymous said...

What i loved most - the graham teddys! Forget the cake - I would just eat up all the teddys!

Anne-Marie said...

I'll be it's just as much fun to eat as it is to make. Very creative and a great bday party idea!