Friday, April 2, 2010

Easter Smorgasboard!


If you have followed us for very long, you know that we love any holidays around here!  Easter is no exception!  We had wonderfully exciting Easters, growing up, with lots of traditions, fun foods, and pretty things.  I figured for Easter I would post a smorgasboard of some of our fun Easter posts.  Lots of ideas here! 

Easter Basket Hunt 3

First off, I wanted to share a tradition with you.  At our homes the Easter Bunny doesn’t just leave our baskets out on the counter for us.  The baskets are hidden.  When we were little we would wake up to basically a yarn nest!  Our baskets were hidden and then had yarn tied to them and then the yarn is ran through the whole house.  With 4 baskets tied off with yarn, that ends up making quite an Easter nest! 

Some tips when doing this:

Use a different color of yarn for each person. 

For the youngest kids an adult helper is necessary.

Use less yarn for younger kids, and more for the older kids.  This way they will all finish around the same time.

For older kids go out windows, around the house, and come back in the back door!  They love this and it makes it more of a challenge for them.

Start them off in unique ways:

Easter Basket Hunt 1 

The end of the yarn should be left at the kids door.  To let them know which yarn is theirs you should tie them off in unique ways. 

Easter Basket Hunt 2

We have had name tags, shoes, the yarn in the letters of their names, etc.  This is my favorite tradition that we have for Easter!  I love that my parents did this for us, and I love that it is what my kids are most excited for!


Now onto some more fun Easter Ideas we’ve already posted for you!


  Easter S’Mores in a Jar…using Peeps, for goodness sake!  They taste as delicious as they look!


We did these String Egg Dioramas when we were kids.  Isn’t Anjeanette’s version adorable?


Let’s not forget the foods.  This is another thing we made from our childhood, Chocolate Covered Marshmallows!  Learn how to make everything from scratch.  Can you believe the mold for these eggs is flour?  Yup!  My Mom is a genious!


I love these Edible Baskets!  Not only are they so cute, but they are tasty as well!  Hello bite size Cheesecake!


Next up are some fun things to do with Easter Eggs!


Dying Eggs With Natural Dyes.  We love science experiments and what fun to try out using different foods as dyes for your Easter Eggs.  The above egg was made using Red Cabbage…but it’s blue!  Next Katrina tried Strawberries.

easter egg geodes 12

Check out my Easter Egg Geodes.  Such a fun Science Experiment.


Ready for some adult Egg Decorating?  Try Pysanky!  Our Grandmother has always had a bowl of these eggs and we Grandchildren have just been enamored with them.  It was so much fun to finally make them ourselves this year!


How to Bounce An Egg.  Katrina shows how to do this science experiment.  I’ve got it going on right now in my own kitchen this year because it is such a fun, quick and easy thing to do!


I love do things just a little differently then everybody else does it.  Or sometimes it is just to be different then I have done it in the past.  Here we had those cellophane carrot bags and filled them…yup, you guessed it, just a little bit different.


This included a tip for those sticky edges on the peeps!


Looking for Place Holders for Easter Dinners?  Here is a cute Jelly Bean Place holder.

image image image

Or how about an Egg Holder for all those Beautiful Easter Eggs you have just dyed (or are dying this weekend)?  Here are a few versions based on one pattern, and the template is included!


I love putting the candy in more than just the plastic eggs.  Here is a fun Easter Carrot Box to fill with Easter goodies.  Template is here.


Hope you got some ideas you can use this year!



Valerie said...

Wow! That is a lot of work with the yarn :) But it looks like a fun tradition they'll always remember, and hopefully carry on. Lots of great ideas!

Katie said...

I love love love the string maze to get the easter baskets!

Jessica Stier said...

These are all fantastic ideas and I am so glad that you shared them with us. I LOVE the idea of the baskets being hidden and the kids have to follow the yarn to find them. That idea is very cool!


Bietje said...

Oooh, we did do the yarn thing too. But not with Eastern, just for fun. We had fun for ours, and it really takes nothing.
Later I did this at my scouting club. This was fun too.
And I just love the eggs your grandma decorated. It is real Art Work. With kapital A.

Ashlee said...

I totally want to do some pysansky eggs, but don't know where to get the tools!

alirara said...

I'm sharing a similar idea for a St Patrick's Day party over at and I've linked to this blog post for people to get some ideas and tips. Thanks!