Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Jelly Bean Place Holders

I usually make Jello Jiggler Jelly Beans for Easter. I have this great mold to help make these awesome, tiny Jello Jelly Beans! I've also made colored chocolate jelly beans with this. This year, I took plaster of paris and filled in the mold with it. There's nothing like mis-using what you have.
After I popped them out I had to sand down the over fill and any un-even backs.
Then, I made up batches of dye with food coloring, vinegar, and water and just dumped the white plaster of paris jelly beans into the dye. It's amazing because the color gets darker as the beans dried off!
I have many uses for these beans, but my first thought was as Jelly Bean Place Holders for our Easter table. Anjeanette was kind enough to give me one of her fantastic cupcake baskets! So, I just had to try my Plaster Jelly Beans in them! I just added my initial to one of the beans and put it on the top of the pile! Wouldn't these be great as our place holders?
Or how about a little simpler? Just an open plastic egg holding the Jelly Bean with the person's name on it.
Some of them have already made it into my decorating. I could see using these as cute magnets for April! I left half of these not dyed so that my kids can paint them. I'm also going to try glittering up a few of these. Sigh. I love what glitter can do to objects!
Have you mis-used anything fun lately? We'd love to see your easter creations!



erika said...

How creative!

Lucky Mom said...

oOooo. Glitter would be fantastic on these.