Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Quickie Gift for the Bus Driver and Monitor

At Christmas and at the end of the school year we give thank you gifts to the bus drivers and monitors. Just to thank them for getting the boys to and from school safely every day. Their job isn't always easy. This year I simply filled some party bags with salt water taffy and printed up these tags that say "Thanks for the ride!" Then I had the boys sign them on the back. In years past, I have given them gifts in a jar, beaded key chains that said something like #1 Driver or #1 aide with little bus charms hanging off the ends, foam cup/can cozies that the boys decorated with foam stickers with a water bottle in it and we have painted up pots with flowers in them. Another thought I had for this one is to get gift boxes that look like Chinese take out boxes and have the boys write "thanks" on the outside and decorate them up. I had to have these ready this week because the usual drivers aren't always around when the last week comes around. I have already missed one of the drivers. What can you do? I gave the gift to the driver for that day. It isn't likely that the normal driver will be back on the route this year. It is musical bus drivers at the end.

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twinklescrapbooks said...

So sweet! Bus drivers rarely get gifts so this rocks!
Tina :)