Tuesday, May 12, 2009

It's The Little Things...Part 2

Yesterday, Anjeanette talked about Love Letters. Today I'm going to talk about a new tradition I am just starting with my children. I love the idea of having little surprises for my children. You know, like notes in their lunch (or on their lunch). I've been wanting to come up with something to surprise my kids with at the end of the day. When I was at my super fun scrapbooking weekend with my BFF, I found these fun acrylic pillow boxes.
They are super tiny at about about 2 inches tall by 4 inches wide. They were super cheap too! I picked 3 of them up, one for each of my kids.
What I envision is reusing them as a surprise that they will find on their pillow just before they go to bed. Yes, you can just make a paper version of this pillowbox, but those can squish easily. I also think those would take more time to make up in the spur of the moment. By using an acrylic pillow box, I can embellish these pillowboxes by changing out the paper on the inside. I made this template up so that I can just trace it on whatever I choose (paper, material, etc).

The paper in this box is actually a rich chocolate color, but it's night and I'm not great with a flash! ;) I have so many designs that I want to do with this. This is a fun monogram with one of my kid's initial on it!

Here, I used a rub on...oh how I love rub ons. I also want to use ribbons, stickers, eyelets and other 3D embellishments for this.

How I will use these:
I am going to leave these pillowboxes on my children's pillows before they go to bed at night. I want this to be a surprise each time I do it. I also will do it sporadically. I'm thinking of 3 times a month. Sometimes all 3 of my kids will get them at the same time, but sometimes it will just be one of them at a time!

What I will put in them:
Love notes, telling my children why they are special and why I love them.
Pick Me Ups-For days they have a crummy day.
Coupons-Good for use whenever they like, for instance a day with Mom.
Little Snacks-To be used very rarely as this should be after they already brushed their teeth.
Instructions-Telling them to not go to bed and instead meet me somewhere. I'm thinking of maybe meeting them out back for one last bed time story to be read by flashlight, or for a total indulgence of a dessert like an ice cream sundae, or for a surprise immediate movie night with Mom.

I am so excited about these pillowboxes! I have more ideas than I think I can ever do!



Deb said...

This is an awesome way to leave a little love for your kidlets! I really love the list of things you shared to do with them. Thanks for another great post!

Annette said...

Very sweet! I love the idea of meeting for a special story!

Also, thank you for getting back to me so quickly while Anjeannette is not able to!

Katherine Marie! said...

Super lovely idea. This is one tradition that they will remember forever!!!!

Anonymous said...

You're brilliant. I love to leave my little kids notes too and bed time would be the perfect time for it.

Mama King said...

What a wonderful way to create memories with your little ones!

Just Us said...

FYI...if any of you or your readers are scrapbookers, Making Memories and other companies sell things in great packages like these. I save mine and reuse them to give cute little gifts like these. They are also great for coupons or gift certificates.