Saturday, March 7, 2009

Here we are together...

I feel like I'm singing a church song...Oh, here we are together, together, together. Here we are together..............It's Roots And Wings Co!!

We tried, for only a second, to snap a picture with the three of us today. We were at the Renaissance Festival with nearly the whole gang. As Moms, we have about two seconds to try to step away from the little loves and do something like this. We had 8 children a few spouses and one parent waiting for us so we could partake of some fun. Dad snapped this for us.

Katrina, Rebecca & Anjeanette

So who is the prettiest? Just kidding. Notice how I carefully cut my arm fat off in the crop? Yah, I'm like that. I cut Katrina's arm off too to make it look like she has arm fat too. But we all know the truth;) I like how my arm looks skinnier than Rebecca's.
Which do you like better? The serious one or the laughing one? I'm kind of leaning towards the laughing one because that is more true to form.


Kat said...

Thank you for cutting my arm off!! Really, thank you.

Why do arms always look 1.5 times bigger in pictures? I know the camera adds 10 pounds but why does that weight go straight to the arms, stomach and face? Every time I see a picture of me and a tank top, I think "I need to stop wearing tank tops my arms look gross." Why can't it be some where else (like on the really skinny girl next to you ;)? said...

I love the laughing picture! You are all gorgeous!

Zee said...

Hi girls! Thanks for visiting my blog!!!
You are all cute!!!