Saturday, March 7, 2009

Wearing O' the Green

You know you are supposed to wear green on St. Patrick's Day, right? If you are like me, the only green you have is on your underwear. I'm not going out with my undies showing, no thank you! So I whipped up this little shamrock pin. It was very quick and easy. I hope you try it.

Growing up we always had some crocheted shamrock pins that Mom made us. We always wore them on St. Patrick's Day. I have no idea where that pin is. So I made my own. But I used felt and a sewing machine.

Gather your supplies.
I like to have two different shades of the same color with felt. I think it looks nice. And I printed up some shamrocks the size I wanted. These are about a couple of inches.

You can use these shamrocks if you want:

This is nothing new if you have seen any of my felt tutorials. But if you haven' a rough cut of the shamrock on paper. Do a rough cut of each green just bigger than the paper. Stack them how you want them to go. I always like the darker color on the back.

Sew right over the all the layers, on the lines of the shamrock. Remember to use a very short stitch length.

Peel off the paper. It should just pop right off. Trim the top layer as close to the stitching line as you can. Then trim the back layer with some pinking shears. Leave about 1/4 inch of the back color showing.

Take a flat backed pin and hand stitch it in place. Make sure you are only going through the back layer.

You are ready for the Wearing 'O the Green! Or is it the Wearing O' the Green? Either way, you are ready.

And if you make this, let me know by adding your version to our little flickr group!

O' Anjeanette


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So cute!!

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Lucky Mom said...

Love 'em. I'm already envisioning our green food.

trishia said...

how very cute!!! I'll be making these for our upcoming Girl Scout meeting- the girls will love them! thanks for sharing

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what a great tutorial! thanks so much for sharing!