Friday, February 13, 2009

Valentine Bonus Ideas-Foods

These are some of the things I fed to my kids this week. Everything can be turned into a heart! This is my daughter's peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Easy!
Another easy thing to do is anything red! We had homemade tomato soup with grilled cheese bites! We will actually be having this again on Valentines Day for lunch. The bites will be heart shaped though!
Again, with the red! Strawberries were on sale so we did lots of strawberry stuff. Here is a strawberry (and blueberry) milkshake. I don't usually add whipped cream, but boy did that put it over the top for my kids! I will be using the whipped cream again on top of their heart pancakes they'll be having on Valentine's Day.
Even when something is not supposed to be red...oh, I do love food coloring. This may be too gross for some. But pretty much everything we ate this week was pink! This was our pink oatmeal! I love food coloring! We will be having "magic" milk in the morning. I think my Mom started this for St. Patrick's Day since those leprechaun's are full of magic tricks. However, I pretty much do it all the time! You put a drop of food coloring in the bottom of your kids cups. Don't pour the milk in until they are there and watching. Pour it in and watch the fun reactions your kids have when the milk "magically" changes colors!
Candy canes into hearts! Such a fantastic idea! Anjeanette and I tried a few variations of this. Our first was just melting them plain, as seen above. Other variations would be adding sticks so that they are suckers, crushing the broken candy canes to fill the middle, adding peppermint candy's (you know, the round ones) to the center, and jolly ranchers to the center. So many fun things can be done by reheating candy that you already have! I love this because I finally have a use for my leftover candy canes after Christmas!!
Hope these ideas sparked some ideas of your own for quick and easy things you can do for food on Valentines Day!


erika said...

I love these ideas! I hadn't even thought of doing strawberry milkshakes.

Lucky Mom said...

I'm confused on the candy cane hearts. What was happening in the picture?

I did something similar as an ornament at Christmas one year. I hot glued two mini candy canes together in a heart and added ribbon to hang it with. They looked gorgeous all over the tree. So simple.