Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Summer Camp Counselor


Well today I am very honored to tell you that I am being featured as a Summer Camp Counselor, over at Design Dazzle!


I’d love for you to go over and check me out over there.  I have been light on my posting here because I am busy enjoying the summer with my kids!  Last weekend we went camping and I brought along our Rubber Band Guns.  That is what my post is about over on Design Dazzle. 


Then, be sure to keep going back to Design Dazzle because Toni has fun posts, with some other fabulous bloggers, for her Summer Camp for the rest of the month!  There will be ideas and projects for summertime fun with kids!


I hope you guys are all thoroughly enjoying your summer as well!




PS  Happy Fourth of July!  I hope you all had great celebrations.  I was lucky to be surrounded by family watching those beautiful fireworks from the comfort of my parents home!  Lovely day!

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