Monday, May 23, 2011

An Easy Way to Cube a Watermelon

I was visiting a friend the other day and she served us cubed watermelon.  I was totally in awe of how she cut it and decided to show how it's done. 
 First you need to cut the watermelon in half.
 Then you want to cut it in half again.  (So we have a fourth of the watermelon).
 Next, you will make vertical cuts into the watermelon.  You won't just be able to slice straight up and down, you will have to take the tip of the knife and swipe down right along the rind.  Don't worry about accidentally slicing through the rind, it is much harder to cut through than the pink flesh.
 Next, turn the watermelon on it's side and make cuts parallel to the cuts you just made and parallel to the other cut side of the watermelon.
 Flip the watermelon to the other side and make cuts on the other side as well.

The picture below shows how you really have to cut.  You have to swipe the knife tip close to the rind at the back of the watermelon.  Again, it is really easy to tell when you are close to cutting the rind because it is much harder to cut through.
 Here's the finished watermelon.
 Once you have found a bowl big enough, put the watermelon inside and using a fork, pull out the pieces.
If you have cut it right it should actually just fall out of the rind.
This is what you will have afterwards.
The hardest part of this whole thing is cutting out the last pieces.  And even that isn't too difficult.  
I begin by slicing the leftover watermelon where I had cut the watermelon before, I just cut through the rind this time. 
Then I flip those pieces on their sides and cut the pink flesh out. Pretty easy.

 Ta-Da!  A big bowl of watermelon ready to eat.



The Keylors said...

Can't wait to try this! Thanks for the tip!

CitricSugar said...

Ah, so that's how you do it... Thanks!

Browns said...

I worked in a deli as a teen and this is how we were taught to cut the watermelon. Such a time saver!

Carrie said...

This is the best tutorial! We cut up some watermelon today and used this trick--not only is everything perfect sized but it is also way less messy!