Friday, March 11, 2011

Top 5 Reasons To Garden With Your Children


1.  It’s all about the health!  There is no question that eating food fresh from your own garden is such a healthy way to go!  Being outside also gives you Vitamin D from the sun.  And of course gardening is an active thing to do! 

IMG_93562.  Quality time together!  My kids LOVE gardening with me.  We get to enjoy the beautiful weather that Arizona is having right now!  We also end up watching many sunsets as we garden!  I know my children will always remember the time we spend together in the garden.

IMG_93673.  Teaching your children!  They know that their help has gone into the food that we get from it.  That’s a pretty great thing.  We also spy lots of creatures; worms, caterpillars, birds, cats, and our favorite-the geckos!

IMG_93804.  It’s Fun!  All of us need some time to play in the dirt!  Plus, who doesn’t love seeing a seed grow into a plant?  Many times our watering turns into a water fight.

IMG_93595.  Being outside.  Any time I can find ways to be outside is great in my book.  I think we are all happier when we get more time outdoors.  See the above about the Vitamin D. 


I hope you enjoyed my tour of my garden as it is right now!!!


Happy Gardening to you all!



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Anonymous said...

What is that really bright stuff in your pictures. the stuff that is making shadows? Sunshine? Is that what i looks like. Been so long i had forgotten!

There are new shoot coming up in the boxes we made last year following your guidance! Getting very excited.

And i love the "bean poles you have in your pots. You have given me a really great idea for something i wanted to make this year! Will share when it is done.