Thursday, March 24, 2011

Orange and Lemon Rolls-Or, When Life Hands You Lemons…

oranges and lemons aoranges and lemons b

We just picked more than a bushel of oranges and lemons!  My parents have a backyard full of citrus trees.  The kids and I headed over and helped lighten the load of those poor trees’ branches.  They were gorgeously full!  I love how pretty trees are fully laden with their fruit! 

Such a great way to spend some time with my kids!  Outside, gathering fruit, helping each other….

orange rolls a

So we’ve been busy making everything citrus that we can.  First up was lemon and orange juice.  As a crafter, I just could NOT throw all of that beautiful peel away.  So, as I juiced we cut the fruit in half and pulled the flesh out to save them as fruit cups.

orange rolls b

Next, I added frozen dough to each one and let it rise.  I also made a citrus butter (just added lemon juice to melted butter, or orange juice for the orange rolls) to coat the tops with before I baked them up!  I just baked them like I would normal rolls.

orange rolls c

Oh these smelled like heaven while they were baking!


My overall conclusion was that they were not as citrus-y tasting as I was hoping for.  Next time I will add way more lemon or orange juice to the butter!  They also needed extra cooking time because the bottoms (that were inside of the fruit cups) wanted to stay dough-y.  They were still all devoured in one day.  We love carbs in my house!


After we ate the rolls out of the fruit cups, I shredded the cups and added them to my compost.  So that made these oranges and lemons a 3-for-1!!  YAY!


I have a few more fun things that I have done with my citrus bounty.  I have many more lemons, orange, limes, and grapefruit.  I’d love to know what you have done with yours.  Do you have any great citrus recipes?




Randi said...

Those are so fun ... wouldn't that be pretty for a brunch? I love it and would NEVER have thought to do that.

RootsAndWingsCo said...

Thanks! I've got many more things coming up, that I have done with our citrus. Every year I try a few new things. I really LOVE that my Mom has so many citrus trees!


Anonymous said...

Ahhhhhh! Fresh right off the tree citrus. The best the best the best! Unbelievable how much difference there is. Would you believe, all the 20 years i lived in Phoenix, i never even once picked citrus! Never gave it a thought.

Moved to the PNW and took a trip to Desert Hot Springs in CA a few years ago and finally picked citrus!

Now - this time of year when everything is ripe and luscious in your part of the world, i just kick myself for wasting the opportunity.

Good for you in taking advantage of all those lovely citrus orchards - all in the family!!

Just One Question said...

that is one of the craziest recipes i've ever seen; must be why i like it so much!

great job!


Just One Question said...

oops! i just posted as my son! sorry! lol

i'm actually..!


abbie said...

That is genius! Really wishing I could smell through this computer. They look amazing.

RootsAndWingsCo said...

Thanks everyone! I have never seen this done before either. I'm just trying to think of new ways to use all my produce, and reuse the peels! Yes, I'm also putting the peels in the disposal!

Pam, I don't know how you didn't have citrus, living in Phx. People literally put out boxes full of their citrus with signs saying FREE! I love it! It's sad how much goes to waste, though!

I actually bought cheap clearance citrus tree (twigs) last year and maybe in a few more years I'll be growing my own!


Myrnie said...

Love to make lemon curd and citrus marmalade...candied peel (and candied peel dipped in chocolate!) I freeze the peels to put the disposal through the year, and love to put citrus in my smoothies I'll bet you could freeze segments! Dried citrus is really pretty, too :)