Monday, March 7, 2011

The Making of St. Patty’s Day


*Warning!  This is an adult only post.  Nothing is risque, but these ideas are for adults eyes only!*

You still have time to make some fun stuff to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day.  The above was a fun banner that I made.


Starting to work on your Leprechaun Trap now would give you time to make this fun trap that Katrina made!


Or this one that Katrina also made!

More trap ideas:

-Mini cauldron-can buy at party store or Mini Plant Pot Painted Black filled with coins (real or foil covered chocolate ones), or gold wrapped candy like rolos left out to be found by the children in the morning.

-Gold or green glitter trails from Leprechauns.  Sprinkle the glitter then use your fingers to make leprechaun tracks in the glitter.

-Leave potato bits to tempt Leprechaun’s into traps.  Other temptations my kids have come up with, over the years, are pictures of female leprechauns, money, fairy furniture, shiny things (like jewels), etc.  Let them get creative about what they think will attract a Leprechaun into a trap!

-Make Leprechaun clothing pieces that could have been caught by the trap.  We have a hat that got stuck on a trap! Winking smileMy daughter really wants to get another piece of clothing this year.  I’m thinking a shoe would be so cute! 

-The Leprechaun’s always turn our milk green, or other foods that are in our fridge green, as well!


Check out our Flikr stream for other traps my children have made themselves, as well as the infamous hat! Traps don’t have to be ornate and fancy as it is more about the time you spend with your kids building the trap, or the imagination your child is using to come up with their own trap. 


What do you do for St. Patrick’s Day?  I would love to see what traps you have made or what other traditions you have for this holiday!




Happy Home Fairy said...

I love St. Patrick's Day! And I love all of your magical ideas! We make leprechaun traps every year too! I really like the idea of having the leprechaun's clothing stuck in the trap! So clever!

This year we also made Magic Leprechaun Finders that you can see here:

Thank you for all of your wonderful creative brilliance! Yours is a Happy Home indeed!

Sara @ Our Best Bites said...

I was really confused as to why this was an adult post at first. Like- really? What could they possibly have done to St. Patty's day?? hahaha Totally get it now. Great fun post!

SpindleJigs said...

making necklaces to wear to the parade this sunday

and making stew and soda bread with my little chef for the day itself....
Happy St. Patrick's Day to you!!!