Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy St. Patrick’s Day

Leprechaun legos

Happy St. Patrick’s Day Everyone!  My daughter made that Lego Leprechaun last night as we were setting our traps!  I thought he was so cute I would share him with you all!

leprechaun note

Each of my kids set their own trap to catch a Leprechaun.  This is a note that was left with one of them. 

It says, “Can you leave something of yours.  Happy St. Patrick’s Day little leprechaun.”  Though it is spelled quite differently! Winking smile

Then, she asked yes or no and to explain why.  Then, she asked if the Leprechaun was a boy or girl.

Turns out our Leprechaun was a girl and she left little pots of gold for everyone in the family!  This is the first year we got real money too!

leprechaun build a  bear

This cute guy is Foxee (yes, he’s a wolf, but he’s my Son’s and that is what he named him-even the spelling).  He’s wearing his new Leprechaun Duds!


What do you guys do for St. Patrick’s Day?




Pamela said...

How adorable and creative. My youngest is 18 but I wanted some sort of surprise at supper. I'm going to tint some of the roll dough. So then--I'll be wearing green because I've never used food coloring without staining something else in the process!

Sue said...

The lego leprechaun is so cute, and so is the letter:)

Anne-Marie said...

So cute! That note is adorb and the Lego leprechaun is super fun!