Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Cupcake Camp Chandler 2011


I got to attend this super fun Cupcake Camp over the weekend!  Even better was that I got to go with my sister. 

image(Image from Sasha’s site)

First up was my FAVORITE speaker.  Sasha, from 24 Carrots, was amazing.  24 Carrots is an uber healthy, creative restaurant.  I cannot wait to go check this place out.  Sasha really knew her stuff as far as gluten free, vegan, dairy free, etc goes.  She talked about why it matters what you are making, before you decide what ingredient alternative to use.  She believes in making healthy foods still taste delicious and/or decadent!  Seriously, brilliant!  She was so nice, too!  Anyone in the metro Phoenix area has got to go and see Sasha at 24 Carrots!  Make sure to like her on Facebook as she is on there quite a bit with tips, information, and recipes!  She’s not one of those that guards her recipes.  She wants everyone to be able to make yummy healthy food!  I know, don’t you just love her already?

The next person I was so impressed with was Sarah, from Pint Size Creations.  She is 12 and has her own company!  I just happened to sit next to her in my first class.  What a cute and driven young lady!  Later in the day she was on the panel for the Cupcakes as a Business session!  How cool is that?!

IMG_0527This was from Cupcake 101. 

IMG_0528Ah, yes, the class from ABC Cake Decorating Supplies.  This is another place I must check out.  They have some really fun stuff to use in your baking and I hear their prices are excellent as well.  That fellow was showing us their edible spray paint.


Others to mention were AZ Mom of Many Hats.  She led my first session in the morning.  I learned some great tips like using parchment paper to smooth out my frosting!  I never knew that one!


There were many other classes, speakers, and companies but I could only go to one class at a time! Winking smile  From what I heard, everyone had a great time.  I am so appreciative to all of those that put in their time and energy into making such a fun event so successful!


I did not bring my camera so you’ll have to just bear through my iPhone pictures. Winking smile  Doesn’t everything look so yummy?!  There were some amazing flavors of cupcakes to taste!

IMG_0541I thoroughly enjoyed this beauty, and may have helped myself to two of them! YUMMM


image One last fun company to check out is Cake Hole Project.  I have a picture above of one of their crazy cool cupcake displays!  Check them out!


The whole event was well put together by the folks at Gangplank.  That group is super nice!  I’ve been to two of their events now and had a great experience at both!

What fun conferences, camps, or events have you been to recently?


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