Monday, January 31, 2011

See What My Creative Kids Made!

creative kids lego pool

My kids are so creative and I LOVE that about them!  Every day they are up to some creative mischief!  Yesterday it was a movie they filmed, starring our cat.  I am always amazed by what they do and thought I’d share their latest Lego creations with you.


They decided to have a Lego building competition.  My girls created, and my Son was the judge.  I don’t have a clue what the parameters were.  But I love the results.  My younger daughter made the above creation.  It is a swimming pool.  Notice the diving board, ripples around the woman that just jumped into the pool, the swimmer with the goggles, and that you only see half of the people because the other half is under water!  How creative!

creative kids lego a

This one is interesting.  It is an altar for the minifigures to worship my daughter.  You would have to know my daughter to understand this.  She is not so full of herself, nor does she believe in worshipping idols and stuff.  However, she is a big time reader and has been reading about stuff like this.  She is also just fun and can laugh at herself.  She thought this was funny.  The creation on wheels is a mobile place to worship!  I find it quite funny.


Make sure to be checking back as I have some really fun new Valentine’s posts starting tomorrow!




ps  I’m a bit nervous about how some people might react to this post.  I sure do not want to offend anybody and hope my daughter’s place of worship is not offensive to anyone.  I know the thoughts that went into it and the intent was not malicious nor sacrilegious!


Ambrosia said...

Wow! Those are so creative!!! Very good job by your kiddos! We love legos in our house - I really like that they let the kids build whatever they can come up with!

famr_4evr said...

Very creative kids! Legos RULE!

coolkiddo said...

Your kids are very creative - I love these pieces! :O)