Thursday, January 20, 2011

Playroom Makeover-Polar Mountain and Waterfall

mountain h

My kids’ new playroom has so many fun parts to it!  This is how we made the polar mountain with the waterfall

mountain a

We free handed the two mountain shapes out of the foam core board you see on the right side of that picture.  By “we” I mean, my Father-In-Law! Winking smile 

We also free handed a shape for a shelf that is to be a higher ledge on the mountain, that the waterfall will come from.  The shelf was cut out of wood, not foam core.  And again, by “we” I mean my children’s Father! hee hee. 

mountain bmountain c

We (this time we is my oldest daughter) painted the shelf white and then added some blue-ish-grey details along the edge of the mountain ledge shelf.  Then, we added brackets to the shelf.

mountain dmountain e

My Father in Law painted the whole mountain a grey color and then added white snowcaps.  My Mother In Law then painted some pine trees, and more details to the mountains. 

mountain f

We took some material that we thought looked like water and just hot glued it to the back of the shelf.  At the bottom of the material we puddled it a bit and then hot glued it to a wooden block.  This makes the waterfall somewhat moveable for the kids when they play it.  Animals can even hide behind the waterfall, or chase around it!

mountain g

Notice the fun awesome foam splash detail where the waterfall hits the lake.  My Mother In Law added this once we knew where the water fall would reach the little lake.  It’s totally these details that make this makeover so spectacular!

mountain i

We had animals move in immediately!  My kids could barely wait for the paint to dry before they started setting the scene up!

mountain j

Here’s a larger picture of the whole play setting.  Isn’t it too cute?!  I love how it all turned out.  This also has given you views of the dessert and camping areas.  I just love all the different areas.  Check back tomorrow for the full wrap up of the whole project, to include how we made the structure itself and lots of other fun extra details!

As I said earlier in the week on this makeover, one of my favorite parts of it is how much everyone helped on it.  Now we all have memories of the fun weekend we spent making this.  And as my children play with it, it will remind them of all the people that helped with it.  My kids are also even more proud of it because they helped with it.  In my book, that is what you call a win-win!!



PS Thank you to Bonka (my kids’ Grandpa), Grandma, and C for all the hard work on this!  As you know, the kids LOVE it!!


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