Monday, December 6, 2010

Shrinky Dink Ornaments or Charms

Aren’t these the cutest little charms or ornaments?  I had been in a paper crafting mood.  However, many of my paper crafts just do not last from year to year.  So, I made these to last!  They are made from that shrinky dink material.  I love how brightly colored these end up being! 
I used these as charms on my cookie exchange packages, charms for a bracelet, package toppers, and ornaments for a mini tree!
I made these by printing up a page of Christmas shapes.  I layered a clear shrinky dink page on top and traced and colored away!  Cut out and be sure to remember to punch a hole in them before you bake them!
You can see a post I did with these that turned them into charms on a Christmas bracelet!

I'm joining the fun at this party! StephanieLynn,


Anne-Marie said...

Oooooh, I love shrinky dinks. I haven't made them since I was a kid! But I did hear that I could take a certain type of food container to color on it and then shrink it down just like a shrinky dink without the special plastic. I don't have more details than that but it would definitely make finding the materials a little easier and economical. =)

Carrie said...

So cute! I used to love them when I was younger, how fun it would be to play with them again!

Unknown said...

You can use clear #6 recyclable plastic containers...the kind that salads and sandwiches come in at the deli counter of your supermarket. Ask the person behind the counter if you could have some if you are working with kids, they will usually give you a dozen or so. That way, they are clean to start out with.

It helps to sand the surface with a fine grit sandpaper first, so your media will stick to it. I stapled mine around a wooden block and used it...went well. We bake ours in a toaster oven on a piece of bakers parchment covered aluminum foil that was made into a tray. We use a cake froster as a spatula. You can watch it shrink, and remove it when it is cool. Have a bag of ice handy to keep the spatula cool, and have a board to put the shrinky dink under to keep it flat while it is cooling.