Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Oh Christmas Tree…Oh Christmas Tree-Kid Craft

party hat christmas tree b

Can you guess what I made these beautiful tiny trees out of?

party hat christmas tree c

Party Hats and Birthday Streamers!  I kid you not!  I wanted to add some new decorations to our décor, without spending a dime. 

I just so happened to have some party hats that I have had for YEARS.  At the last party the elastic (that keeps them on your head) got used to make sling shots (really great slingshots and bow and arrows!  They even worked!  Sometimes my children are so ingenious!).

I saw them doing it, and didn’t mind because we had had these hats for so long.  I don’t know, however, why I saved the darn hats, but I did.

party hat christmas tree a

This is one that the kids decorated with a pipe cleaner garland and gem stickers!


I have to tell you I had a few fails at first.  I knew I wanted to cover them with tissue squares.  You know how you did it as a kid:  Take a small tissue square and wrap it around the end of an unsharpened pencil, dip the tissue end into glue, stick it onto your paper, pull your pencil out, and wha-la!


I did not have any red or green tissue paper.  So, I tried using thin Christmas Scrapbook paper.  Then I tried a few more supplies until I stumbled upon the perfect material! 

Streamers!  I love the texture the streamers gave this, even more than if I had had tissue paper!  However, be ready to cut a TON of squares for each tree.  Then, cut triple that amount!  No kidding.


Another disclosure is that because I used party hats it was hard to get the squares to stay on.  Party hats are quite smooth texture and squares will easily slip off.  So we would just add some squares haphazardly around the hat.  Then, let them dry.  Once the glue dries they stay on really well.  Then, we come back and fill in.  Repeat this step a bunch.


Could be a fun craft to keep your kids busy while you are hiding away in a bedroom, wrapping presents…or busy baking and cooking!




Sandy said...

What a great idea!! And they look awesome too! I will have to remember this for next year. said...

That's such a cute idea! I'll be linking.

Mommyto2boys said...

Will definatly be trying this tomorrow while I am baking the kids can make one for a centerpiece, thanks for the awesome idea!

Anonymous said...

Totally love these, Rebecca! I am bookmarking for next year as i think Sophia and Antonio would love making these! And NO glitter which will make their mother very happy!