Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Sneak Peak Room Redo

before dresser

Isn’t that dresser gorgeous!?  I know all you crafters and DIYers can see the beauty in it!  I’m almost done with the dresser, I’m  just trying to decide on if I should paint the decorative elements a contrasting color.  My daughter would like that, but I’m worried it will just look cluttery, as her room is already pretty small.  What do you think?  Any ideas?

We had another Birthday around here!  The party is this weekend and so I am working on plans for that! 

The Birthday Girl is getting older and so we rearranged rooms in the house (meaning that my craft room has been moved to the garage) to finally give her her own bedroom!  She has wanted this for so long.

The budget is zero!  Thankfully I have a fully stocked craft room craft garage, so I am using what we have to transform this room into something fun for her.  Right now I am elbow deep in purple paint, vinyl, and material.  I can’t wait to post a few pictures as soon as we are done!




Missy said...

My father-in-law just gave me a dresser just like this with the accompanying nightstand...I can not wait to get my hands dirty on this project and most definitely look forward to your completed one for some inspiration!

RootsAndWingsCo said...

I hope you post yours as well! I'm done painting the main color and am working on some detail painting as well as trying out different knobs. I love stuff like this!