Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving! Turkey Cookie

thanksgiving turkey cookie d

Happy Thanksgiving!

My Top Ten Thankful List:

1.  The most amazing children!

2.  Friends and family

3.  Home in a great neighborhood, in the United States (thank you military)!

4.  Great teachers for my children

5.  The opportunity to go back to school myself

6.  My van and the mechanic who keeps it running

7.  A kitty for my children that snuggles so well!

8.  Technology (computer, IPad, IPods, cell phones, the internet and blogs)

9.  Time to spend with those that I love

10.  Milky Way Bars (you have no clue…)

Bonus-The wonderful community that I have found on the internet through my blog!!  I love you guys!


thanksgiving turkey cookie a

I love making these thanksgiving turkey cookies.  I remember making them sooo long ago with my Mom and siblings.  My Grandma even had one in her curio cabinet that she left there for YEARS! 

thanksgiving turkey cookie c

I made a few modifications from how we used to make it.  We never had a full face, we used just the red hot for the waddle.  We also used gumdrops for the body!  But I had the pumpkins on hand.  Maybe I can talk my Mom into making some with me next year, using the original way we made them!


Either way, I think they are so cute and fun!


We boxed these cuties up in a cute tiny bag with fun metal thank you tags and fall colored ribbings and then gave them out to those we love and are thankful for (teachers, friends, and family).



I hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving, drives safely, and enjoys family and friends.

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