Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Pumpkin Carving Option

With Halloween coming around, many of us tackle the tradition of carving pumpkins.  I have always enjoyed carving them...or so I thought.  My jack-o-lanterns have never been great creations of art and so this year I decided to tackle something a little more complex.  I even went out and bought a special Pumpkin-Carving Dremel tool from some hardware store.  I spent hours scouring over the internet to find the PERFECT design.  

Then I started carving the pumpkin.  Not only was the dremel tool a bust (I'm sure it works great for some people) but I realized that I lack the patience to carve an elaborate pumpkin.  So I settled upon one of the patterns I had deemed too "EASY" for me to undertake.  Turns out it was the PERFECT way to go.   
I LOVE this Jack-o-Lantern.  I only had to cut out the windows and the moon, and then I painted in the house.  SO easy!  Did I mention that I love to paint?  Much more so that I like to carve, so this way I got an elegant design without spending all those frustrating hours carving it out.  And I like that it looks cool during the daytime as well!  Looks like this is how I will be carving pumpkins from here on out.



Yvone said...

love this design it's the one I picked myself simple but looks good.
good taste eh! :)

Anonymous said...

A great idea - combining both the painted and carved design. i am like you - not a carver. Course i am not a painter either! But this looks possible.

I love how yours turned out.