Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Enjoy The Season-Cookie Decorating

halloween cookie decorating b

I Love Halloween! Seriously!

Today I am putting everything aside to just enjoy the time with my kids.  We are going to decorate cookies.

halloween cookie decorating a

I’ve got some great sprinkles and frosting and am just going to let my kids go at the cookies.  halloween cookie decorating j

I like to have crafts and baking set up so that my children can easily make the project the way I want them to.

Thankfully, years ago I learned that sometimes all they need are the supplies.

halloween cookie decorating i

They come with their own inspiration and ideas of how they want things!!

They do not need to make perfect looking crafts or foods. 

halloween cookie decorating d

What they come up with on their own is so much cuter anyways!

 halloween cookie decorating h

Yes, I let them pile on layer upon layer of frosting. 


Now, don’t get me wrong, I am that Mom that strictly limits sugar intake.  However, that is so that on times like this, I can let them splurge and I know it is ok!halloween cookie decorating f

And messes…they are a great thing!     



I guess I felt like I needed a post that showed the less than perfect pictures and messy baking fun!  I do not want people to come to this site and feel like they can never live up to the pictures they see.  As I’ve seen over and over again on crafty and homemaking blogs, we are all human.  Pictures I post on here are usually of just the crafts that worked out.  There are always many that don’t.  There are also usually messes left behind as I make things.  I don’t take pictures of the messes, but believe me they are there!

I hope people feel inspired when they come here, or leave with some fun ideas to try with their families.

However, what I most hope is that this blog reminds people to take time with their families and/or friends. Make life special and magical by putting in a little extra effort.  Sometimes remember just to enjoy the moment and not feel the need for the moment to be picture perfect!

My Mom always taught me that life is meant to be celebrated.  She celebrated EVERYTHING all.the.time!  I am thankful that she did this.

I hope everyone has a great Halloween!  We have a few parties planned, a very minor surgery, lots of homework for me, and hopefully way too much candy! ;) 


Just One Question said...

i agree! celebrate! celebrate! celebrate! use the fancy dishes! jump in puddles! and laugh as often as possible! wooohoo!

happy halloweeeeeeeen!


Erin said...

Now that is my kind of cookie! Excellent cookie to frosting ration! =o)

Melinda Grossman said...

Impressive decorations, ideas, and party fun. Your craft talents clearly exceed mine.

Just found your blog today and enjoyed looking through it. Thanks for sharing your talents.