Friday, October 15, 2010

Easy Pizazz To Add To A Fun Circle Lunch

circle lunch f

You will never guess what those cuties are made from?!

circle lunch i


Just push toothpicks into a bunch of Whoppers.  This also forms a flat bottom because of the pressure when you push the toothpicks in.


Add Caramel.

    circle lunch h

Next a fun drizzle of chocolate.

circle lunch g

Drop on some circle sprinkles.

circle lunch e

That’s it!  So cute and easy, right!?

circle lunch d

I added these fancy Whoppers to my kids’ circle lunch.  Other parts of the circle lunch are a circle pizza pocket (made like my football pockets), 3-berry wheat mini muffins, sliced carrots, and raspberries.

Those whoppers were such a huge hit for my kids!  They loved their circle lunch.


A few tips.  I always add wheat germ, flax seed, shredded veggies, or other healthy things to my mixes like the muffins and the pizza dough.  That way this lunch is even more nutrient packed then it first appears.


Erin said...

How fun is that?!?! And whoppers - delish! But adding caramel makes them totally over the top. What a clever idea!

Crafty Mom said...

OK, you are a pretty cool mom, making a "circle lunch". I'm lucky if I can throw together a semi-nutritious lunch, let alone a shape-themed lunch. :)