Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Fun School Lunch Ideas

 lunches mini b
One thing I love to do with my kids’ school lunches are themes.  I have two children that just need encouragement with their eating (not so much picky eaters as they just don’t eat enough, and take too long) so anything that makes it more entertaining and enticing is worth it for me!   
The above picture shows the lunchbox that we use.  I love our laptop lunches as there is no waste and it’s easier to eat healthy!  The system is called Laptop Lunches.  I am not affiliated with them, I just really love their products!
The first lunch was my mini lunch.  It’s hard to tell but that banana is one of those mini ones.  The grapes are champagne grapes and they are so tiny.  Other things I included are mini sandwiches (meat, cheese, lettuce, tomato, on a hawaiian roll), baby carrots, mini pepperoni, mini pickles, and a mini babybel cheese circle.  I also included a Mini Note (envelope and card were a 1 inch square! 
We also have a cat named Mini, so the note said, “Mini sends her love!”
lunches orange a
This theme was Halloween.  I just cut a PB&J sandwich with my large pumpkin cookie cutter.  Pumpkin desserts, orange carrots, and oranges!  Along the side are purple grapes.   lunches shapes d
I am big about cutting their foods into shapes.  This lunch included an egg mcmuffin.  I used my metal cookie cutter shapes on the frying pan when I made my eggs and cooked it right inside the cookie cutter.  Then I used the same shape cutter to cut out cheese, canadian bacon, and the bread.     
PS It is hard getting good pictures of these meals as I put them together in the morning (I actually do put together parts the night before, but that wouldn’t be a very cute picture).  The lighting is bad at the time I’m getting the kids off, and I don’t have lots of time to set pictures of their lunches up! ;)


Celeste B. said...

Such cute and creative ideas! Where did you find the plastic holder? I looked all over for something like that!!

Mama Bird said...

You guys have the BEST blog! I too am obsessed with making a festive lunch and love the theme idea. I wanted to mention how much I love the Pumpkin Playdough recipe. I ref you guys alot! Thanks for great content!!

Amber said...

That is such a fun idea! I have a picky eater so he just doesn't eat when I pack him his lunch. Or he'll eat just a couple of things-like Jello and his cookie.

I'm going to make fun, bright colors! Thanks for the idea!

Hamblin Family said...

Where did you get your lunch boxes? Loved your blog. I have a daughter recovering from cancer who is 16 and I need to get her to eat more. These are some great ideas.

Anonymous said...

Somebody is having way too much fun planning mini lunches! Your lucky children!

I want to eat lunch at your house!