Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Cat Birthday Party Invitation

catinvitation hello kitty b
Sometimes you make things harder for yourself when you have taught your little ones that you can make things.  ;)  My little girl is having a Birthday and requested a cat theme.  She wants everything to match her real cat, Minnie.  Minnie is black and lt brown.  This little girl of mine is all girl.  Brown and black are…well, not very girlie!
Side note, we are looking at getting a dog next year.  Boy or Girl, my kids want to name the dog, Mickey.  Get it?  Mickey and Minnie!  Pretty clever, I think!
These are the invitations that I made.  The Birthday girl LOVES blue.  She was so excited about the blue ribbon.  That was my inspiration to add a dash of color into the party!  Now it will be very “her”!
cat invitation hello kitty a
My daughter’s cousins number around 12 kids.  So, I told her she could invite 5 school friends.  She figure out a way to invite 6.  One invitation went to her two new friends that are twins!  Again, pretty clever don’t ya think!?

I’m in full-steam mode getting this cat party together.  I always get a bit teary eyed when it’s my kids’ birthdays.  I am simply enamored with my kids and totally blown away that I get to share their life with them!  I don’t know what I did right to get them, but man I’m lucky!  All three of them have been in school for a few weeks now (we start early!).  I love watching them learn so much and have so many amazing events and opportunities!  I am so thankful for amazing teachers that already have my kids doing such neat things and loving school!  Another year older for this little one of mine.  I’m so proud of her and in awe of her at the same time.  She is one of those kids that can wrap anyone around her finger.  You even know she is doing it, and you are ok with it! ;) 

Please excuse me while I go and listen to that song from Mamma Mia,  “Slipping Through My Fingers”.  Go listen to it to refreshen your memory and make you teary eyed about your own kids! ;)

Second side note of this post: My Birthday Girl’s favorite song is from Mamma Mia (she loves the whole show!), Money Money Money.  She has no clue what it means, just likes it.   In fact last year she had her tonsils taken out.  As she was waiting for the surgery she got really nervous.  So, she watched that scene from the movie over and over again on an iphone to keep her mind off of her fears!  It was so cute!  She’s one tough cookie and I love every ounce of her!



Southern Queen Bee said...

Happy Birthday to her! Those invites are so cute, I love the little bow. Good luck with the party.

Mrs. Smith said...

Love the party theme!!! I stubbled upon your blog and can I say "oh my" I am so inspired to get back in my craft room (after a month off) and start making stuff :) You guys rock! Side note I had the BEST dog in the world named Mickey and she was a girl ;)

Heather said...

The invites are fabulous! I'm sure you've got all your crafts lined up but I just wanted to share a few of my own little kitty crafts for my daughter a few years ago...

maritza said...

how did you go about making these, id love to do something similar..

lasombrs said...

did you have a template for the invites you found anywhere? I would love to make these cards for my daughter's birthday next month. Thanks! found you off pintrest :)

Joy Nix said...

What material did you use for these? I want to do something like this and thought about using posterboard.

Xenia Yarrito said...

Is there any way I can buy some of these invitations from you?