Thursday, August 26, 2010

Superhero Birthday Party


Anjeanette’s Superhero Party was so much fun!  She’s a whiz at using her computer to make amazing invitations!


We were greeted by this.  Anjeanette used a projector to draw this poster herself!  WOW!  As kids arrived they were given a secret word they would use later.


Pin the badge on the superhero.  Again, Anjenette drew this poster herself!  It’s totally doable when using a projector!  I love variations of Pin The Tail on the Donkey, it is so customizable to your theme!


More amazing posters.  The kids had a relay of games to beat the evil supervillains.  This one they sprayed the supervillain down with a can of silly string.


Sigh.  These capes!  She made these capes with the initial for each child in the party (there were around 20 kids!).  My kids still play with theirs!  The kids got their capes once they defeated the villains.  They all looked so cute running around in their capes!

Go to Anjeanette’s original post on this for even more great ideas!


Shorty said...

That's an awesome party idea! They went all out!

Anji* said...

You guys do love your superheros! (I have a couple of guys - big and little - who do too!) I can't get over how alike yours and my party philosophy is!!