Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Teacher Appreciation Gifts

Teacher Appreciation Week is next week, May 3-7!  If you want to just celebrate Teacher Appreciation Day, that is Tuesday May 4.  Did you know this was started in 1985, by the National PTA?  Nice tidbit!

We have some really great Teacher Appreciation Day/Week ideas to check out!  The above are cute milk cartons that are filled with fixings to make s’mores.  The saying that goes with them is “We Need S’More Teachers Like You!”

Check out the links along the left side bar for some other fantastic gift ideas!
Here’s a list of some other ideas to make:
-Posters for the kids to sign, or draw something on.  Cut out candy shapes for each kid to draw on (and you could tie real bows around them, and glitter them for added embellishments).  Then, say “Mrs. ______ is so sweet!”  or “Our Year with Mrs. _______ has been sweet!”
-“We give a hoot about Mrs. _________” or “Mrs. ________ gave a hoot about us!” –owl themed.
-7-Day pill dispenser filled with tiny gift for each day of the week.
-Gift Cards
-Candy Grams
     Milky Way-You’re Out of This World
     100 Grand-You’re worth $100,000
    Smarties-Thanks for making us a bunch of smarties
     Snickers-No snickering about it, you’re the greatest!
     Swedish Fish-You’re oFISHially the best!
     Pop Rocks-You rock!
     Whoppers-We had a whopper of a year!
     Junior Mints-Your help has Mint so much to us!
-Have kids fill out a poster that starts with “My teacher is….”
-Personalized gifts like mug, stationary, pencils, office supplies, shirt, bag, etc
-“Thanks for all you do!”  Simple cards, drawings, and gifts from the child!
-Pictures of whole class.  I’ve seen cute pottery platters done up with each kids fingerprint that was then turned into bugs or animals!

For Wednesday’s Creative Inspiration (tomorrow) I’d love for you to link up teacher appreciation ideas that you have done!  You can still add anything else creative that you have been up to.  But it would be fun to have lots more ideas for Teacher Appreciation Week!


One Cheap B*tch said...

Thanks for the reminder! I need to make something for my son's Pre-K teachers!


Zia Joaquin said...

I will be showing my kid's favorite teacher some gratitude with these thoughtful gift ideas. Thanks!

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