Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year plus Goal Setting Templates!

2010 Goals Fun Fonts Color

Happy New Year to everyone! What a fun year this last year has been. Thank you for checking in throughout the year to see what we have been up to. I have thoroughly enjoyed getting to have a reason to chat more with my sisters, and this blog has been that reason. Yes, we talk everyday anyways, but the blog gave us specific things to gab about! ;)

I have a 3 ring binder that I have labeled my Year In Review, Milestones, and Who Am I Binder. I love this binder. It is a quick way to see what my family has done over the years. I thought it might be something that other people might also want to utilize. I just print these sheets out, punch holes in them, and slip them into my 3 ring binder. I suppose you could just slip the pages into page protectors in a 3 ring binder, as well.

Really for the Year In Review and the Goals it is the same basic template. It is one square for each month. Nothing long will fit in these small boxes. It is just to be summaries.

For the Year In Review I just write in what we did, or any milestones my children achieve, under the correct month. Some ideas would be family trip to California, baby’s first tooth, Riding a bike with no training wheels (which one of my kids just did, thank you to a new bike from Santa!), any parties we attended, etc. I also write in things like started soccer, took art lessons, etc. It is pretty cool to look back and see just what your year included, all in one glance!

I do actually print up 4 Year In Reviews for each year. This is for one for the entire family, and then one for each child. So I write down each child’s milestone on their own Year In Review page for the year. When you go to doctor’s appointments you can also fill in the child’s stats in that month.

For the Goals I write in things I want to try and do during that month with my children. This helps me to focus and prioritize my year. I always plug in family vacations, camping trips, and any themes we are focusing on for the month (service themes as well as character points that we are working on). On the back of this paper I also list goals that are not specific to one month. I have my kids help me with this for many reasons. One reason is that it is a fun thing to do as a family. Another reason is to help my kids feel included. The last reason is so that I can actually see the kinds of things that are important to them. I try really hard to listen to who my kids are and what they really want.

Year In Review or Milestones Plain

The color page at the top is just a fun one with neat fonts and in color. I prefer that one. The one just above here is just a plain template so that you can customize it to fit your needs, or just if you like a more sleek look. 2009 Year In Review Fun Fonts Final

These next few are just so that you have options of what you would like. You could print out the above and the template below and be ready for pondering these fun things tonight at your New Year’s Eve party! Even if you had not filled the 2009 one in along the way, it is probably still pretty easy to think back and be able to still fill this in. However, once you wait more than about a year, you will forget many neat details. 2010 Goals fun fonts Final One

If you do go back and fill this out for the last year, it would probably be a fun thing to do tonight. I pull out my completed Year In Review and go over it with my kids, on New Year’s Eve. It is fun to think about what a fun, crazy, and busy life we had the last year. While we are at it we also usually go through our other year’s as well. Just because it is fun to reminisce.

Who am I final one

This last one is my Who Am I chart. I actually try to fill this out a couple of times a year for each of my children. Some years I have done it around 4 times, other years I just do it once. I try to at least fill this out at New Years, and around their Birthday. It is easy for me to remember to do this during those times! I love looking back and seeing what cute sayings my children were saying, or the other fun details that you forget about!

I hope you all had a fantastic 2009, and I wish you all a very Happy New Year! Yay 2010!!



clairity said...

Thank you!
Those are very simple and do-able suggestions. A great idea - thanks for sharing, we will use these tonight when friends come over.
Happy New Year!

Deb said...

Love, love, love these ideas! The year in goals and the who am I are my favorites! Thank You!

Happy New Year! :)

Miss Muffin said...

I LOVE your "Year in a review"! Up until now I only made a wishlist with my daughter for the new year (you can see it here if you want to But your ideas are great! Will do that from now on!!! I always want to document all the things my daughter (and now my son) does and says - but of course there is never enough time. Your's sound like a really doable plan to at least put down all the big things that happen in a year. And you are so right - you forget so quickly, it always makes me a bit sad!
Thanks for sharing this!!! Love it!

andrea chiu said...

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