Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Fun Garlands For Your Christmas Tree

scottish flag danish flag garlands christmas

I grew up with a Christmas tree that had scandinavian decorations on it. Even if this wasn’t my heritage (which it is) I would still love these kinds of decorations because they were a part of my childhood. I remember cute straw ornaments with red accents. Even more than those, I remember garlands made out of Danish flags. They are called Flagranker. Oh, how I love those garlands. The other year Anjeanette and her family visited Solvang in California which is a cute Danish themed town. They bought those awesome Danish flag garlands for each of us! She bought them at Jule Haus. I put them on my Christmas tree and was oh so happy. Such a little thing, but I swear they put such a great smile on my face whenever I see them! Well, the other side of my kids heritage was not seen on the tree. As soon as this was brought to my attention I immediately whipped up a garland made out of Scottish flags. Makes me even happier. I do not know what it is about the Holidays, but it makes me think of my heritage. I love hearing stories of where my family came from (especially because my Dad is such a great story teller!). Having these decorations on my tree is a great conversation starter for my children. They always ask what things are and why we have them. So, it opens up a whole conversation about where all the different people in our family come from. I am so lucky to know of my family’s rich heritage. I love that my parents celebrated Holidays from other countries! It is also one way to prolong the celebrating (which is always a good thing, in my book….I believe you don’t just have a Birth-Day, but instead a Birth-Week….get where I’m going here?)!

danish flag scottish flag garlands christmas

Not all flags are as easy as Denmark’s and Scotland’s. However, I think you can still come up with ways to incorporate parts of your heritage into your celebrating or decorating.


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Amanda Formaro said...

What a great idea. You could make them with your heritage flag, or really anything you want!

Jen~ Lipstick and Laundry said...

Fun garlands indeed... I love garland year round!

Kirsten said...

Oh, my--my mother is Danish and I have spent many, many happy days in Denmark--this makes me homesick! Let me know if you want me to send you some hjortetaksalt and my recipe for Danish cinnamon Christmas cookies.