Monday, November 2, 2009

Advent/ Countdown Calendar Revisit

This year for Christmas in July, we did a whole week of advent /countdown calendars. We posted 4 fabulous tutorials and a bonus 5th advent calendar highlight just to get your creative juices flowing. There is still time before Christmas to get yours made in time for December 1st.


My Favorite Advent Calendar So Far, Anjeanette show off an Advent Calendar she made for her family a few years ago. She shows off the beautiful felt ornaments that she made. It's the little details that take an ornament from nice to WOW!

fabric chain advent calendar

Fabric Paper-type Advent Calendar Chain, This is a great NO-SEW project! Check out Anjeanette's tutorial to find out how she made it. The fabric chain can be used as an Advent Calendar or just for decoration. Best of all it is reusable year after year!

Candy Activity Advent Calendar

Fabric Candy or Activity Advent Calendar, Rebecca shows us how she did a remake of an Advent Calendar her Mother made when they were kids. She has added a fun new twist to this old favorite. Instead of tying candy to the calendar she has tied little scrolls of paper with activities planned for each day. She has even included her list just to give you ideas of what kinds of things she has planned for her children.

Framed Advent Calendar

Framed Advent/Countdown Calendar -2 ways, Katrina has put together a tutorial to show you how she turned her Advent Calendar into a work of art. Recycle or rather upcycle an old frame for a new life! Included are templates for making the Advent Calendar itself.


Christmas in July Advent Calendar #1 Pizza anyone? Anjeanette turns an inexpensive pizza pan into this lovely Advent Calendar. Plus earn how to make your own transfer paper.

So many choices so little time!!! We hope we have inspired you to make your own Advent Calendar for this year. If you already have one, maybe you have seen something here that will make you want to make a new one. Let it be known that the Roots and Wings Girls all have more than one Advent Calendar each. After all we have more than one child each. ;) Maybe more calendars makes each day that much more special. Can we make Christmas last twice as long if we have two calendars?

Thanks for stopping by!! Happy Holidays!

The Roots and Wings Co Girls

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The Roots and Wings Girls are thankful and we plan to share what we are thankful for at the bottom of all our posts this month.

I am thankful for my son's Autism. I am thankful because it has given me a gift. Life has slowed down a bit and I get to witness amazing miracles every day. I don't take for granted the miracle of speech and communication. I don't take for granted that my boys are able to connect with others. I don't take for granted that my boys can show their love and affection. I don't take for granted that my 7 year old still wants to snuggle with me that he needs that connection. He is still a very independent boy but isn't afraid to need me still. Autism is a challenge for my son and our whole family but it isn't something that is going to stop us. We work a little harder to do everyday things but all in all life is good. It has also made me grateful for how truly fantastic our family and friends are. So many families with autistic children aren't understood by even their own families. Our families get it and are supportive in every way they know how. I am thankful for all their love and support. I guess I listed two things I am thankful for today. What are you thankful for?



Anonymous said...

We always had the cheap paper ones and I would go way ahead of schedule and eat all of the chocolate!

These are much more creative ideas for advent calendars, so awesome!

Thanks for helping me relive something from my childhood that I had forgotten, so cool!

Loralynn said...

All great ideas! I finally made my family an advent calendar last year, so I won't be making another one this year. We do however do a similar thing to the paper chain. We make up a paper chain with as many chains as there are days till Christmas from Christmas colored paper and my Daughter tears one off every night before bed. She really looks forward to doing it every night!

Katie Lewis said...

I am totally digging the felt ornaments and the fabric paper chain. And I can't figure out how to do the reply thing with comments, but thanks for commenting on my Halloween House! It led me back to your blog and now I have had so much fun poking around and getting ideas. I'm not sure why I didn't add you in the first place, but I am definitely adding your blog to my list of "crafty blogs" now. Yay! :)

P.S. How DO you reply to comments directly?

Jenn said...

So many great ideas! Which one to choose?!? I really like the paper chain one since its so unique (and i'm not much of a sewer!)

Thanks a bunch!!