Friday, October 16, 2009

Gifts for Neighbors/ Girlfriends/Teachers/ General

I got so many compliments on this gift.  Everybody we gave them to had to tell me how much they liked it and which recipe they used.  On recipient went so far as to mail my son a gift as a thank you.  This is like a gift in a jar but with options.  Because I gave them the recipe for the mix as well as recipes for what to do with the mix it is a gift that keeps on giving.  Then there is the reusable snack bag it is packaged in plus laminated recipe cards backed with some nice sayings.  Go  HERE to see the full post.


Erika shared a brilliant way to up the Wow factor of gifting glass bake ware.  Never loose your bake ware at a pot luck again.  Learn how she etched the last name of the recipient on this glass bake ware.  Oh the possibilities are endless with what you can etch.  Etch some custom stem where with a monogram or symbol.  Make a candy dish like Rebecca did HERE.  Go see Erika’s how-to post HERE.


If you live where it is hot and dry, then you know someone that could use a neck cooler.  These are filled with water jelly crystals that plump up when you soak them in water.  The cool moist crystals act much like an evaporative cooler to make the wearer feel cool and comfortable.  You can see the tutorial HERE. 


Pillowcases for any occasion!  With all the fun fabrics available seasonally you, your child, your parents, a special Grandmother,  a Neighbor, a Teacher, a friend, a friends child could have a fantastic pillowcase to decorate their bed with.  I have to tell you that even boys will get excited for a fun new pillowcase.  They aren’t all that hard to make and don’t have to use a ton of fabric.  Rebecca and Anjeanette came together to give you a whole post about making pillowcases.  At the start of the School year I showed how to make a MINI TRAVEL PILLOW SHAM.  You really should check out Anjeanette and Rebecca’s PILLOW CASE TUTORIAL.

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream……cozies. ;)  Make an ice cream cozy to go along with a gift card for some ice cream.  This is the perfect thing for a get well gift, a thank you, I’m sorry, your BFF when she is having a bad week, Christmas, Birthday, Mother’s day or any other occasion you can think of.  Just think about all those lovely fabrics that you don’t need a ton of to make a very personalized gift.  Seriously ladies you could make these using your scrap fabrics.  Even if you don’t have a single piece big enough, you could sew strips together to make a patchwork piece.  What a great way to recycle fabric scraps and add to your gift stash at the same time!  See how Anjeanette made THIS ICE CREAM COZY.

We will see you all when we come back on Tuesday. Thanks for understanding our need for a little time out. We hope we have given you some gift ideas to think about for the upcoming holiday season. We are so excited to have so many new friends!


Deb said...

More great stuff! I can't wait to try it all! Seriously I am making my list of what to do for Christmas this year and for birthdays all year next year! You girls are awesome!

Hope everyone is getting the healing time they need!

Good Life 2 Go said...

I like the icecream cosy so much. Oh, no, I like the thing behind the cosy. Is it Haagen dazs vanilla :)?

Anonymous said...

I have looked all through the post about brownie mix and I am confused. You posted where to find the recipe for the brownie mix, but where do I find the recipes to use the brownie mix in? Like the best chocolate cookie and mississippi mud pie? Can you post those recipes or a way to find them?

I love your site. Thanks for all the work you all do!

amy @ Life in Pink Hi-Tops said...

The ice cream cozy--GENIUS!!
I've been itching to do some gifts in a jar. I love those myself.

CitricSugar said...

I didn't know where to start with this post because I love everything - the brownie kits are awesome! I've done something similar but without the panache.. Well done!

But the piece de resistance has got to be the ice cream cozy. Too cool for school! It will make pigging out so much easier on the hands - thanks!

RootsAndWingsCo said...

I am sorry for any confusion about the brownie mix. I got all the recipes from the "Make-a-Mix" cook book. Since we don't own the rights to the recipes, we don't feel comfortable posting them on this site.

This is a link for the book

I have looked and looked but cannot find any of the recipes other than the Brownie mix on line.

If you like to give gifts in a jar or have ready made mixes on hand for baking then you will like the cook book.

If you sign in when commenting we will email you a reply...

SumnSutton said...

Your ideas are so fun. I have a dish that is etched but I had to pay someone to use a sandblaster on it. Your way is so much faster and I can say that I did it:) Thanks for all the fun tips. You gals are so awesome!!!

Susie from Bienvenue said...

Hi girlie! just wanted to come by and say thanks for praying for Mrs. Jane. She is out of surgery and doing well~

Lara Harris said...

LOVE the ice cream cozy!Perfect idea!!:)

Unknown said...

Great gift ideas! I NEED one of those ice cream cozies. :)

Chris said...

How can I choose just one? I love all of these!