Thursday, July 16, 2009

Paper Fish Bowl Moible

finished paper fish bowl mobile

This one was really easy and fun. My son has moved it around his room several times because he is looking for the perfect location for it to reside.

You will need:

Two paper plates, paint, colored paper, sandpaper, string, glue & embellishments.

1.Paint your plates on both sides. When they are dry, cut out an opening in the center.1 paint your plates and cut out an opening 2. Draw and cut out your fish shapes and any other shapes you are putting in your fish bowl. 2 draw and cut out fish shapes

3. Rip the top of some sand paper to be the sand at the bottom of the fish bowl.3 rip some sandpaper to be sand

4. Trim the sandpaper to fit inside the paper plates. Glue the sandpaper in place as well as anything else you want in the foreground. We had some little plants growing in our fish bowl.4 glue in your sand and plants

5. I didn’t take a picture of this, but we made our fish double sided and glued string between the pieces. That way the string is nicely hidden.

Once your pieces are dry, run a line of glue around the plate. My plates were fairly concave and there was a nice rim to them. The glue should go where the two plates are going to touch.

Lay your string in the line of glue. This includes the string the shapes are hanging from as well as a string to hang your mobile.

Layer your other plate on top, with what would be the bottom of the plates to the outside.

After the glue has dried, trim the excess string of the fish shapes so that it is nice and neat.

5 run glue around the plate and sandwich the other plate

6. Hang it up to enjoy. My Mom saw it and suggested putting cellophane inside the plate to look like glass. But I opted not to because I wanted the fish to be able to move freely.done

These were a lot of fun to make and super easy too. You can embellish the project any way your kids like. My son wanted to do googley eyes but nothing else. It would be fun to put some glitter paint on some of the details. But I have boys and googley eyes were as much as they wanted;)



Joanne said...

Cuteness! Kids just get a kick out of googly eyes, don't they? Too funny. I just did some fish with my kids yesterday - check out the "Stuffed Fish" post on my blog.

Thanks for the inspiration!

michellejohnnie said...

very cute and fun!

Mama King said...

adorable! my little ones will love this. thanks!

Lisa said...

Cute project!

jen said...

how adorable is this?!? i'd love to try it with my little one!

Sue said...

Hi Guys,
My kids will be able to manage to do this by themselves. What a great idea.

Clemencia said...

this is adorable, thanks for sharing this awesome idea :)

Amy said...

This would be a fun cub scouut activity!

אורן ושירה ספיר said...

I made the mobile with my kids yesterday (7.5 yo girl and 5.5 yo boy) and they had an amazing time making it and it came out amazing too!
I will try to send you a picture once we take them!