Wednesday, July 22, 2009

A fun way to dress up an ornament!

I am having so much fun with another week of Christmas in July! Love it! I hope you are able to get some fun ideas and start getting ready. (I apologize for the pictures lack of focus. Last year I didn’t realize my lens was going.)

Last year I bought this amazing assortment of ornaments from Sam’s Club. They are SHATTER PROOF! I have kids and I think that is a beautiful thing. I had actually drooled over a similar assortment the year before. By the time I had decided to get it, they were all gone. So last year when I saw this assortment and fell in love with the colors, I picked it up right away. I know it was right when Christmas ornaments first made their entrance in the stores…very early in the season.

I liked these ornaments because of the fun colors. The red and white are typical red and white colors used at Christmas time. But the green was a nice fun green! I surprised more than myself about buying something with glitter. I don’t usually do glitter. We have all boys in this house and glitter is usually not our thang.


I wanted to dress them up a little. Just a little. Remember, I’m a more is more kind of girl. I know they say less is more…but I know in my heart that less is just…less.

I purchased some simple red ribbon. It was about 1/2 inch wide and had a little white stitch down the center. I snipped off about 3 inch pieces, making sure that the ends were diagonal. I threaded one end through the top of the ornament. Viola. I didn’t tie it or anything. They are just threaded through. Because the hole the ribbon is in is so small, it pinches the ribbon in the middle and it somewhat looks like a bow.

dressed up ornament

Just for kicks and giggles here is the whole tree with them on. Of course you remember me saying I’m a more is more kind of girl. I decorated the tree with all my pretties and my Danish flag garland first. I enjoyed the tree like that for a few days. Then the kids helped me cover the tree with all their ornaments. It gets very full and really my favorite ornaments are the ones they have made. And I love when they help me decorate the tree and you have a gob of ornaments in one spot, just the exact height of my littlies. Our Grandma tells stories about that. She says she used to love to come to our house and see our tree when we were kids. There would be four gobs of ornaments on the tree where we each stood to put them on. Love that.

tree with ornaments

I would LOVE to see if you thread some ribbon onto your ornaments this year. It is very easy and really dresses them up!

Don’t forget to come back all week and see what we have cooked up for you. You realize this week is just our excuse to get a start on our Christmas making…and we just love that.


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southerninspiration said...

cute idea!! Thanks for sharing!


CC said...

This is a really cute idea..thanks for sharing..