Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Tuesdays with Dorie ~ Parisian Apple Tartlets

Jessica of My Baking Heart picked the recipe. She has a delightful blog so make sure to check her out. I'm totally loving this TWD!

I had my girlfriend come over to play bake with me. It was so much fun. Somehow I didn't take a picture of her or her children. I'm not sure what I was thinking.
This was probably the most simple recipe yet. I know, calm down people! There was a simple recipe in the book of many steps. I'm not kidding. I am totally adding this to my go-to list. In our house, we liked baked fruit in our desserts. I don't know how Rebecca is really related to me because she doesn't like fruit in a dessert AND she likes chocolate. But I still love her...sometimes;)

To make these all we had to do was put some rounds of puff pastry on the pan, layer some apples and dab with sugar and butter.

I warmed this up for my dear sweet. He is a quiet kind of guy. He doesn't talk much and when he does, he doesn't go on much. He LOVED these.
If you like fruit with your dessert, and you like a simple recipe, try this now! I mean it. Then let me know how much you love me for sharing the recipe with you;) Oh, I did add some carmel syrup to the warmed dessert. Seriously, everything is better with carmel.


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Kat said...

Reminds me of apple pizza. I love apple pizza. Basically apple pie on a crust that is big and round like a pizza.

I am sure Happy didn't like you using HIS apples for this. ;)

Sherry said...

Oh...these look SO delicious! :)