Tuesday, June 23, 2009

4th of July Ring Toss

Our family is getting together to have a 4th of July Carnival. We are all making carnival games for the event. Between all the sisters (4 plus me) we have 10 kids. As you might imagine, when we get together all the cousins have a blast. All of them are great friends and love getting together. It is so nice to live close enough that we can get together and have our children grow up together not only as cousins but as friends.

For this event I have come up with this ring toss game. I am using recycled 8oz soda bottles (from my son's Birthday party), scrapbook papers (in red, white and blue of course) half of a poster board and diving rings (the kind you can get in the summer pool toy isle or at a dollar store).

I started off by making my game board. You don't have to have one but this adds to the "Americana" theme for this game. I used scrapbook papers to make my field of blue stars. I then cut 1" strips of red 12x12 scrapbook paper. Which turned out to make the perfect number of red strips plus I have a couple extras to lay on the ground as lines for how far the kids should stand back from the game. For the longer lines I just used two strips.

I then used my 2 inch circle cutter to punch out markers for where the bottles will go. This way it is simple to set up the game. I laid out my rings to make sure I had enough space around the bottles so the rings would be able to drop over the bottles.
For my bottles, I measured the original label on the bottle for the width. I cut scrapbook paper
into strips. I then wrapped the paper around and used double sided tape to affix the wrapper. I carefully filled each bottle with water. So they won't tip over as easily. I didn't do it with these but red and blue food coloring would be another fun thing to do with these.
Draw a line on the ground to mark where the kids should stand and watch the fun. My boys have had fun testing this out for me. I can't wait for the carnival!!
Be sure to visit every day this week. We have more carnival games lined up to share with you all week long.
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Katherine Marie! said...

ohhh this is so incredible!! Ialways leave with a smile after visiting here...

I can't wait to try this super fun idea!

Cherie Nelson said...

I LOVE this! How fun and festive!

I linked up on my tumblr blog! http://pinklittlenotebook.tumblr.com/post/661760272/rootsandwingsco-4th-of-july-ring-toss-love-the

the Sweetest Memory said...

What fun ideas! I shared your ring toss game on my blog for Olympic party ideas. Thanks for the inspiration! Kari