Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Tuesdays with Dorie ~ Fresh Mango Bread

Oh Dorie, why do you scorn me so? I don't even know you, but you have a vendetta against me. Or at least my thighs...and butt...and neck... And why is Dorie skinny? I mean my dad always told me that you should never trust a skinny chef. I totally think that holds true for a baker too. Does she not eat this stuff?

I knew I loved zucchini bread and banana bread. I now know that I also love Mango Bread! I do. I mixed this all together and it smelled so good. It just sat there staring at me. So I took a small sample of the batter. And then a few more. I think I had a few too many tastes of the batter because now I have a belly ache.

I have never cut up my own mangoes before. I think they were lovely all spread out like this.

When I went to make this early this morning, I found that I had no flour. None. I also had a kid who has been throwing up for two days (don't worry I washed my hands). So it wasn't likely that I'd get to the store today. But I do have Rebecca who lives close. And I had to pick a few things up from her house. I was ok taking my sick kid in the car for a few minutes and picking up something vs taking a sick kid through a store. Rebecca carefully measured out the flour and put it in a bag for me;) So nice to have a sister (or three). Since it was measured out for me, I really didn't have any for dusting the pan. This is not a problem for me. I know this is probably the worst thing I can do...but I like to do this with sweet breads...I dusted the inside of the pan with Cinnamon sugar. I started doing that years ago. I love a little caramelized sugar crunch on my bread and some oozing melted butter making my fingers wet. Hello Lover!!

I'm just kicking myself for offering to take some to my friend. She shared with me some delish Monkey Bread yesterday and left that pretty plate I used in my pictures. I had never had Monkey Bread before and it was delish. So I know the right thing to do is return her cute little plate with some Fresh Mango Bread. I know this. Must share bread, must share bread. I really need to just stick to sharing my chocolate creations. This bread is my kind of thing. I hope I am strong enough to not eat every little loaf so that someone else can try this;) Ok, friends don't let friends eat alone. I will share!

Thank you so much Kelly with Baking with Boys for choosing this weeks TWD recipe. I am so glad to get out of the month of chocolate from last month and dive into heaven (aka not chocolate).

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RootsAndWingsCo said...

Mango bread.........hmmm that sounds like something to try. I LOVE pumpkin bread and cranberry bread. LOVE them! Will eat half a loaf right out of the oven. Mango sounds good for summer. For like the first time in 4 years (thanks to the brownie mix making), I have regular flour in the house and I happen to have mangos! No worries that my child will try to eat some, because he does not like that kind of bread (you know with fruit chunks.)

I guess that I won't be losing any weight any time soon either!! LOL Lets just hope my pooch and hips don't get any bigger or I will have to go shorts shopping.

Maybe I will make it, try a piece and take the rest to school for the party. (we will see if that actually happens)