Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Happy April Fool's Day

The Fake sushi from Family Fun Magazine, was a complete hit. I had my kids that are still home, and the Preschool kids make this today for their parents. I loved the idea of this but knew that most of the kids would not understand the joke, because they don't know what sushi is. So, we talked about what sushi really is, as we made our rice krispy version. It did fool my older daughter, when she came home from school this afternoon! I love it!
Anjeanette enjoys pulling the same prank on her Husband every year. She drives to his work and parks a few parking spots away from where her Husband's car is parked. Then, she drives his vehicle home. That way when he finishes work for the day and goes out to his car, it's gone and instead a few spaces away is her car. Leaves a person confused I would imagine! He does have keys for both vehicles on him, so it's not a mean prank leaving him stranded. He does always end up calling her a little shocked, before he realizes what happened.

April Fool's is a bit of a tricky one for our family. We have a few Birthday's on April 1st. Our Grandpa's Birthday was one of these people. He used to say to us, "My Whole Life is Just A Joke." We all have tons of really fond memories of this Grandpa. Well, it's also one of our Nephew's Birthdays. So, we wrapped up a Little Mermaid Purse for him to open. Don't worry, we have a gift he's been asking for, waiting in reserves to give him right after! Yes, kind of naughty but we love the pranks.



Rocksee said...

Ok that is adorable!!

What a cute idea!

Visiting from SITS!

RootsAndWingsCo said...

Ha Ha. Too funny!

I boiled red cabbage for a science experiment today. When I was done I filled two plates with the boiled cabbage (which was now just a purple mush) and told my sons that it was their dinner. Priceless!! Though, honestly they knew it was a joke. They were great and posed for pictures with eeewwww faces on.


erika said...

I love it! So cute, that's something I would actually eat. I've heard of doing meatloaf "cupcakes" with mashed potato "frosting", but that one just grosses me out.

Nicole Renee said...

So adorable, totally using these. You two have the best ideas.

Lucky Mom said...

I am going to introduce my 3 to sushi this year so they fully understand the prank next year. Super cute!!

twinklescrapbooks said...

Love it!! What a cute idea.

Katherine Marie! said...

Your sweet fools idea turned out sushi-sensational!!!!! My 13 year old and I go out for sushi often--- I'm thinking next year-- or just because I whip up a batch of these and then sneak them to the restaurant... that would really fool him! Wouldn't that be fun? THANKS for sharing!