Thursday, March 12, 2009

St. Patrick's Day Fun

Did you know that Leprechauns play tricks on people on St Patrick's Day? Here are some of the things that these naughty Leprechauns have done to us in the past.

Green water coming out of the faucets on St. Patrick's Day. Here's how at Steve Spangler Science. I love the story that Steve Spangler tells about St. Patrick's day at his house.

Trail of gold dust left behind when the Leprechaun escaped your trap (glitter)
Foot prints in the gold dust (you can do this by dipping your fingers into the glitter trail you make.)
Little Leprechaun clothing (a hat, a shoe or a piece of ripped green fabric caught on the trap) left behind

Things our Leprechauns have left behind:
Gold coins
Foreign coins
Gold Chocolate coins
Candy in gold foil (Rolos)
Flecks of real gold in a tiny water filled jar
Piece of fools gold
A note from the Leprechaun regarding the trap
Shamrock confetti all over the table

Tricks/pranks our Leprechauns have pulled on us:
Things being turned green (food in the fridge)
Chairs up turned
Items moved

Anjeanette and Rebecca already mentioned the drop of green food coloring in the bottom of the glass so it looks like the milk or water is magically turned green when poured in.

Another great place to put green food coloring is the bottom of their cereal bowl. Put a drop or two in the bottom, pour in the cereal and then while your child is at the table pour the milk in over the cereal in front of them.

Fun St.Patricks Day Food:
Die all your eggs green.

Make shamrock shaped marshmallows. We will make them white. On St. Patrick's Day they will have green sugar all over them.

I read the statement "Show off your lucky charm" and it was about putting your child's picture in a St. Patrick's Day frame. My twist on that is a Shamrock with my boys pictures on either side. I took fimo clay and cut it into the shape of a shamrock. Then I will place pictures of my boys on each side and seal it up with a clear coat. Then add your shamrock to a necklace with green beads, or if it is for a man, make a key chain.

Here are the pins and a necklace my boys and I made today. I made the shamrocks out of fimo clay and baked them according to the package. I then put out an assortment of green, clear and silver beads. The boys had the option of making a necklace or a pin. They both chose to make pins.

This is the pin my 7 year old made. He liked the idea so much he is still wearing the pin. I used a shamrock sticker for the template. Then cut it out using a craft knife. I used the tip of a ball point pen to make the hole. You can find jump rings of various sizes at a craft store in the bead section.

Here is the pin my 4 year old made. He also wanted to wear his right away. These are safety pins that don't have a loop on the end. You just straighten them out a bit and slide the beads all the way on. We had them left over from a craft I purchased from Oriental Trading Co.

Here is the necklace I made. I am going to have to search for pictures that I want to add to this shamrock. My boys don't always want to get their picture taken so I am going to have to go back and find pictures that will work for this, or wait till they are camera ready. I had other ideas for beading the entire necklace but I like this simple version on thin ribbon. I put a knot between each bead as spacers and to keep the beads in place.



Xazmin said...

What great ideas! We've never really done much on St. Patrick's day - except wear green when we remember!

Anyway - we'll have to try some of these fun ideas!

RootsAndWingsCo said...

Katrina, these are really cute! I love the pins for the kids! What a great idea!

Lucky Mom said...

I love the pins too!!! My 3 would have so much fun making these. I will have to get some Fimo right away. said...

Oh those are great! I love the versatility. I'm so amazed at the creativity I find here daily. I'll be linking.

Tanielle said...

What super fun ideas!! My parents and all my family that live around them always have a St Patrick's day party. Unfortunately we don't live close, but it is super silly and fun, with all kinds of crazy contests!

Have a great Day! Love your blog!

TRP said...

those pins look awesome

ABC and 123: A Learning Cooperative said...

Hi Katrina! We love the fun ideas you shared and have added the picture of your shamrock necklace to a post scheduled for this week on St. Patty's Day fun. We hope this is okay, we've credited and linked, of course☺