Saturday, February 7, 2009

Day 7 A heart garland tutorial

Start with some plain old foam hearts. You could easily use paper hearts as long as it is a fairly sturdy paper.

I used the back cardboard to make a template. I want it to hang evenly. I punched a hole in one side. Put it over your foam hearts and mark.

Mark on both the right and left, then punch them out. I used my eyelet setter but you could use just hole punch.

On some that you didn't punch holes in, decorate. I drew right on the hearts because I'll just turn it around and glue that side to the other. You will not see any pen parks left. I cut out these.

Tie together your hearts with the hanging holes. I measured off about 5 inches of ribbon and tied them. I didn't like the look of hanging ends of the tied ribbon, so I cut them off.

I did it out of order. I should have put the decorations first, then tied them together. (Since I was using foam, I sewed my decorative hearts onto their contrasting hearts. Ah, who am I kidding? I would have sewed them on even if it wasn't foam. You can totally glue them together if you use a glue that specifically says it is for foam) If you are just gluing something on, you can do it now just fine. I wanted to have two layers on my hearts so you get the little peek-a-boo and layered effect.

And another look of it finished. I haven't hung it yet. I like it way up above my door in the entry way. I have to wait until the husband comes home to put it up;)

It is really so simple. You could decorate it any way you want. If you decide to make one too, take a picture and share it with us here! Can't wait to see what you come up with!

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RootsAndWingsCo said...

Anjeanette, I love the 3Dimensional look of the fun foam! You are the Queen of cutting skills!


Kat said...


Lucky Mom said...

This looks similar to something my son did at school. Each student had a heart to decorate. Then his teacher asked me to make a sign that says "our hearts are joined together" to hang above them. So cute.

fawnda said...

I love a good craft that starts with pre-cut shapes! This is ADORABLE!