Monday, January 19, 2009

Things for Thursdays-Jell-O Slices

I don't want to only show craft projects that I do with my Preschool. How about fun foods that we make (or that I make for them, to ensure they are eating healthy or just fun!)! So for today's Things For Thursday I'm going with a fun food idea.
When I was gone for the weekend at my friend's new Beach House, her awesome Mother had given me a bag of citrus fruits from her own trees! She also grows her own pineapples, bananas, and avocados! Man do I love homegrown fruit and veggies!! So, when I stumbled upon these awesome Jell-O Oranges from Family Fun Magazine, I knew it was just what I was looking for! They really were super easy and turned out really cute! You just had to slice your fruit in half and scoop out the insides (or sections). My kids ate the insides for snack time. Make some Jell-O (I know it's crazy but I ALWAYS have Jell-O on hand. Not just a bit, either. I have every color on hand. This would be interesting with purple or some other color on the inside. My Mom makes a layered Jell-O that is to die for and so when Jell-O goes on sale I stock up! ). After you are done stirring the sugar until it's dissolved you pour it into your fruit halves and refrigerate. My mini muffin tin worked perfectly to hold these smaller liquid filled fruit in place. I was worried about filling them too full. In hind site, I would say that fuller is better. I ended up taking kitchen scissors and cutting off the peel that was higher than the Jell-O. I did not like how the slices looked with peel sticking up with no Jell-O in it. Once it sets you just slice them into wedges. I at first tried tiny slices, then just in half. My favorite was cutting each half into thirds. They just turned out the cutest at that size. Some of my fruit cups were flimsier than others, and yet I was still able to slice these up with no problems. Not one ripped or anything.
I really like how these turned out. The Preschool kids are so excited to get to eat them, but they are for tomorrow's snack, and the extras will be in my kids' lunches to surprise them with. I don't usually add sugar desserts to their lunches (especially on a non-holiday day)! I know they will get a kick out of them. My oldest no longer likes little notes and stuff left in her lunch. So, I love still getting to say "I Love You" without embarrassing her.
See how pretty these wedges turned out! I did a seesaw thing with the knife as I cut it and it left the prettiest designs in the Jell-O. Next time I take a close up of my fingers, remind me to have a manicure!
This whole thing reminds me of making cake filled oranges. Pollyanna made some this summer Yum!
That may be my next dessert (fantastic to use on those fresh fruit of mine!). I love how those turn out. Usually I do them while camping, but they work well at home, too.

Who doesn't love cakes in oranges? Brother sure did.
I'd love to hear if anyone else tries these out and how they like them, or what variations they did with them. I can see adding all kinds of fruit chunks to the Jell-O. However, my children love their fruit alone, but wont eat it in Jell-O. Crazy!

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